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The 10 Most Sketchy-Sounding Airline Names, In Order

Original source : http://www.huffingtonpost.com
Posted : November 2013
Author : Suzy Strutner

Budget airlines like Ryanair and EasyJet are known for skimping on everything from reclining seats to airport check-in in an effort to cut costs and bring us the cheapest tickets in the industry. One element that costs zero dollars, however, is an airline's name. Even though they cost nothing to think up, the names of budget airlines always manage to sound, well, cheap. Here are the sketchiest ones we know of, in order.

10. Wizz Air (Hungary)
Further sketch-ified by the punctuation mark they’ve decided to use for the “i.”

9. WOW Air (Iceland)
As in “WOW, that aircraft looks unsteady.”

8. Cebu Pacific (Philippines)
This airline takes its name from the province in the Philippines where it has its headquarters. So maybe it's just an unfortunate coincidence that a cebu is also a large, cow-like mammal characterized by "a fatty hump on its shoulders, drooping ears and large dewlap." But the good news Hindus believe the cebu is a representation of Nandi, the sacred mount of Shiva, so... fly Cebu and ride like a god?

7. Firefly (Malaysia)
When we think of hurtling from nation to nation 30,000 feet above the ground, a firefly is not the animal that comes to mind.

6. Tigerair (Singapore)
Tigers can’t fly.

5. Lion Air (Indonesia)
…and neither can lions.

4. Scoot (Singapore)
To “scoot” implies a jerking, tugging motion that just makes us uncomfortable to think of while soaring in the air. Plus it kinda sounds like a household cleaning supply.

3. Mango (South Africa)
What do you mean, South Africa? Like, the flight crew is sweet like mango? The plane hangs high in the air like an unripe mango? It’s going to… fall to the ground like a mango?

2. Peach (Japan)
Same questions for you, Japan.

1. Solar Air (Thailand)
This name suggests that we will be flying in air that is close to the sun. The sun, however, should not be in our flight path in the first place.

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