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Top 10 Most Populated Countries In 2012

Note: Main article from www.gizmocrazed.com but the position of these countries and their population (mostly July 2012 estimates) are from the CIA World Factbook.

Even though the rate of worldwide population increase has shown the decline in the past two decades, it is constantly increasing. This rise in population is taking a toll on natural resources which are depleting at a much rapid rate. Even though there have been efforts by the governments and organizations to create public awareness, the current population of the world has already crossed 7 billion mark and is likely to cross 10 billion mark by the year 2050.
The following are the top 10 most populated nations in 2012.

1. China
China has been topping the list of most populated countries since long. A major factor contibtuing to its vast population is its huge area. In 2011, the country boasted to have a population of more than 1,343,239,923. However, powerful economy and continued government support has made it a tough competitor to some of the most advanced counties of the world and has also kept it away from unemployment, poverty and recession.

2. India
It is interesting to note that both the neighbours (China and India) occupy top two positions in this list. India is said to surpass China in terms of population by the year 2020. The country has got a mix of various religions, ethnic groups, and cultures. Last year, the population of this country was 1,205,073,612. However unlike China, a vast majority of the country’s population lives below the poverty line.

3. United States
Even though U.S. is the third most populated country in the world, the standard of living in this country is quite high. Considered as the most powerful country in the world, its population in the year 2011 was 313,847,465. A large land area inhabited by lots of corporate ensures that things remain in control in this country.

4. Indonesia
This is not only the fourth most populated country in the world but also the most populated Muslim country. The total population of Indonesia last year stood to around 248,216,193 with majority of them being Muslims. Also, majority of the population living in this country consist of immigrants that have settled from various other countries.

5. Brazil
Having won the FIFA World Cup several times Brazil is well known in the world of football. Apart from that, you will find some of the world’s most amazing beaches and valuable gold mines in this country. The population of the country in a 2012 estimate was counted as 205,716,890.

6. Pakistan
It is a neighbor of two most populated countries, i.e., China and India. In 2011, the population of this country was 190,291,129 and is increasing at a higher than average rate. Even though it is often marred by poverty and terrorism, the country boasts of having some valuable natural resources along the Baluchistan region.

7. Nigeria
It is amongst the most populated country in Africa and until recently was marred by riots and civil wars. However, things improved in last few years. Majority of the population in this country consist of Black Muslims. As counted in 2011, the population of Nigeria was 170,123,740.

8. Bangladesh
Once part of Pakistan, it is now an independent country. It is a developing nation with a vast section of its people live below the poverty line. The nation which is struggling with its economy is home to more than 161,083,804 people as counted last year.

9. Russia
This is the largest country in the world and there is absolutely no reason why it should not figure in this list. Its territory includes more than 40% of the European region. This is also amongst the few countries whose population declined over the last decade. In 2011, the population of Russia stood at 138,082,178.

10. Japan
Even though it is a small country in terms of size, yet its name figures in this list. The country’s population rose to 127,368,088 in 2011. However, a major tsunami hit it last year wiping off a large part of its population.

Source: http://www.gizmocrazed.com

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