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Top Ten Hottest Female Villains

There is something about male villains that makes us hate them. Whenever there is a scene where the male villain is kicking someone else and beating the shit out of them, we are silently (and sometimes even out loud) cursing them. But when it is a female villain instead we are all eyes and ears. It always is a sight to behold. And yes feel free to believe that the producers and directors are perhaps biased because not as much attention is paid to detail when it comes to a male villain. With female villains however, it is the complete opposite. Scroll down and you will get the proof that you are looking for.

Demi Moore is one hot-shot actress and all that you ever want to know why she is on this list is completely engraved into this one picture. She appeared as Madison Lee in ‘Charlie’s Angels’.

She is completely clad in black for her role in D.E.B.S and her only aim is world domination. She comes with a lot of foiled plots even one that includes a plot to sink Australia (we ignore that) but nothing cause her to collapse. In D.E.B.S she has her heart and her eyes set on a fellow agent by the name of Amy (played by Sara Foster) and determined as she is, she finally succeeds in seducing her. Search the web and you might even find her smooching Amy. Way to go Jordana, we drink to that!

Perhaps there is no other character in the history of cinema that bought sexiness to the character of a villain better than the character Sharon Stone portrayed in the movie Basic Instinct. She out did her previous and upcoming counterparts to an extent that can never be matched. Maybe the only one who can match the oomph and the sex appeal depicted by her character would be a Basic Instinct remake with her in it!

The character played by Michelle deserved to be in this list. Just like a cat she was very graceful and poised, yet sexy and slinky in the role as CatWoman. She was successful in her portrayal and thus the honorable mention on this list.

As doctor Jean Grey in X-Men series, she gave a heart winning performance and the fact that she suited so well with Hugh Jackman that it seemed to be a match made in heaven. But the sexiest twist was the appearance of the very dark side of Jean. The whole shock was what made her negative return all  more appealing. She is an amazing actress and she out did her self in this role – powerful, dangerous, and formidable.

If we are talking about negative characters, and we are talking about sexy, and we are talking about appeal, and also about X-Men, how can we forget Mystique. The model turned actress Rebecca took a huge risk when she decided to play the character of the stealthy mutant that shifted shapes. Other wise a beautiful person, she was in full body makeup that made her look like a reptile but she looked as hot as ever. Her looks gave us the jitters and she was really a monster to be feared but no one had a problem with that because the way she appeared and disappeared, it was totally mind-blowing.

Take one look at the picture above and let us know if you miss something, or if there is any confusion left in your mind as to why she is in this list. Sienna Miller, already pretty well-known for her beauty, plays the role of The Baroness in G.I Joe and certainly to the point of zero doubt, none of the fans had anything to mind regarding this choice of actress for this role. The bodysuit which is now the hallmark for dark characters never looked as hot as this. She had her own dark plans and carried them out like a pro. We were totally hitched.

So who has dibs on Poison Ivy? I think it is agreed upon that Uma Thurman has never looked as seductive as she did when she played Poison Ivy in Batman and Robin. She redefined the phrase “Using sex as a weapon” when she unleashed her feminist wiles (and her green derivatives) onto Batman to bring him to her feet. Very well-played and thus she lands on number three on this list of ten. Just look at her, she is a ravishing beauty, looks like a figment of imagination rather than a real character!

We are talking about Lucy Liu and sword combats. Nothing more needs to be said! “HOT” sums it all up! Brilliance at its very best.

Take a quick glance at the picture above and please enlighten me. Does a negative character need to be sexier than this? Well pardon me, the question should be, can a negative character get any sexier than this? Megan Fox has out done herself for her role in Jessica’s Body. It is impossible to play sexy with blood hungry as beautifully as she has played her role. The sex appeal was already there, the bad needed to be added and there you have it. The complete package picked up from your dreams. The movie was hanging onto her near-nudity being successful (the critics boxed the film though) but a lot of us got exactly what we wanted or dreamed of. Although we do admit that if the movie had been named “Megan’s Body” it would have been more appropriate a title.

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