Sunday, December 4, 2011

5 Deadliest Submachine Guns

Invented during World War I, submachine guns have now become an integral part of warfare. These deadly cartridge guns may seem tamer than machine guns at first. However, those who have used these beasts know exactly how wild these weapons can get. Here are the 5 deadliest submachine guns. If you happen to be in the line of fire of any of these, just close your eyes and say your prayers!

FN P90
Over 200 law enforcement agencies worldwide trust the P90. This weird-looking compact gun was developed in the late 80s primarily for NATO troops. However, it's being used by over 40 countries today. It can shoot 900 rounds per minute and has a muzzle velocity of 715m/s. So if someone's got one of these pointed at you, stay on their good side!

This gun was designed during the tense mid-60s in West Germany by famous manufacturer Heckler and Koch. The main purpose of this gun back then was to wad off a Commie invasion, but today this gun can be seen in the hands of everyone from the military to well-funded African militia. Its range is about 200m, which makes this an extremely dangerous and effective toy to play with!


This open-bolt submachine gun is one of Israel's most significant contributions to modern warfare. It was designed by noted gun designer Uziel Gal in 1948 and several of its variants are still in production. This gun can fire 600 rounds per minute and has a muzzle velocity of 400m/s, which you can take to mean as "a LOT". Until recently, this gun was also used by the Special Protection Group, which is responsible for guarding some of India's most powerful people.

This gun, which is a refined version of the AK-47, was developed in the early 70s. Weighing just over 3 kgs, it has an effective range of up to 600m. The Russians have used this weapon in many of their recent conflicts. In fact, most Eastern European countries still use this gun today.

Tommy Gun aka Thompson
A veteran of several wars, this American gun was designed by Brigadier General John T. Thompson in 1919. In a depression-hit United States, the Tommy Gun was the weapon of choice for the armed forces as well as gangsters, who ran amok in an era of utter lawlessness. This gun is in production even today, with several of its variants used by law enforcement and anti-social elements all over the world! Almost 2 million Tommy Guns have been produced till date, and it wouldn't come as a surprise to anyone if this gun has taken more lives than any other -barring the AK- series, of course.

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