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Top 10 Deadliest Diseases Of All Time

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Posted : January 2012
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There are many diseases in the world that are life threatening. Over the years we have witnessed various deadly diseases that have the potential to wipe out entire communities. Some of them are curable, whereas some are not. No doubt that we have already achieved a lot of advancement in the field of medical science, but there is still a lot to be done. This article will brief you about the Top 10 deadliest diseases of all time.

There is no cure to this medical problem. Every year thousands of people die because of this disease. Currently, it is being seen as the global disease. It is more prevalent in the developing countries because of lack of knowledge and awareness among people.

2. Cancer
Hectic lifestyle, bad eating habits and smoking are considered as the primary causes of this deadly disease. Scientists are still unable to find its cure.

3. Malaria
This disease is as old as human history. Malaria is now prevalent in various countries, especially those having a wet or tropical climate. Even though the number of human deaths due to malaria in America and Europe has reduced considerably, it still accounts for a million deaths each year.

4. Tetanus
Something as simple as a small cut on your hand can prove to be life threatening for you. Tetanus is considered as a common and deadly disease, as a lot of people ignore the precautionary measures when it comes to treating tetanus.

5. Cholera
It is more prevalent in Asian and African countries where there is lack of quality food and drinking water. Even though the number of deaths due to cholera is not too high as compared to other disease, still millions of people worldwide get diagnosed with it each year.

6. Tuberculosis
Tuberculosis or TB as it is popularly known has a rich history. The advancement in medical sciences had no doubt helped a lot in reducing the number of fatalities but still it is considered as a one of the most deadly diseases.

7. Diabetes
It is becoming very common these days. Diabetes leads to various heart and cholesterol related problems. Unhealthy eating habits and stress are considered to be the triggers in this disease.

8. Smallpox
Like malaria, it is also known for wiping off many cultures. This disease is lethal and contagious and has got a deadly impact on children and elderly. This disease was on a killing spree until 1980’s. However, scientist and doctors were successfully in eradicating this deadly disease in mid 1980’s.

9. Whooping Cough
It is also known as pertussis. This disease is similar to TB in many aspects. Whenever a person is infected with this disease, he or she became prone to various other deadly respiratory diseases. Even though effective treatment options are missing for treating this disease, there are some antibiotics which will provide you relief from this disease.

10. Measles
If not cured, this disease may prove to be deadly. It usually occurs in children, but can infect adults too. Some serious stages of measles can lead to blindness, brain damage, pneumonia, etc.

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