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The 10 Strangest Stories Of 2010; DAFTAS Award Winners Announced

The DAFTAS Winners have been announced for 2010. Don’t know the DAFTAS? “It’s the award for everything as daft as…” Celebrating the strange, weird, abnormal, funny, and ludicrous, the DAFTAS awards have just announced the 10 strangest stories of 2010. DAFTAS Awards organizer Simon Crisp said:
“At the end of a year it’s all too easy to look back and remember only the biggest and most important events. We wanted to celebrate the lighter side of the news, the things which barely qualify as news but are the stories people like to talk about at the pub or when they should be working.”
Here are the 2010 DAFTAS Award Winners.

And the nominees for the Weirdest Science Story are: Spray-On Clothes In A Can, 5 Second Rule Isn’t True For Dropped Food, Paper Plane Launched Into Space, Pigs Feel Optimistic Or Pessimistic, Wind Turbines Should Be Painted Purple, Rubik’s Cubes Only 20 Moves From Completion.
And the Winner is Clothes in a Can. With expanding waistlines across the country, spray on clothes may not be the brightest idea. But the DAFTAS argue otherwise.

The Nominees for Odd Animal Tale are: Paul The Octopus Becomes World Cup Star, Princess Abby Scoops World’s Ugliest Dog Title, Gorilla Plays With Dropped Nintendo DSi XL, Whale Jumps From Seam – Lands On Yacht, TV Chef Banned Over Cat Cooking Guide, Odd Ice Cream Van Opens… for dogs.
And the winner is Paul the octopus becomes World Cup star. Paul successfully predicted the majority of the 2010 cup. He received death threats for picking against Germany, and died shortly after Spain won the World Cup. Someone probably poisoned the water.

The Nominees for Crazy Crime are: Plumber Arrested Over Flame-Thrower Scooter, Human Breathalyser Caught Drink Driving, Darth Vader Caught On CCTV Robbing A Bank, Woman Seen On CCTV Dumping Cat Into Wheelie Bin, Escape Via Bulletproof Window Ends In FAIL, Man charged over unwanted 40cm penis tattoo.
Winner for Crazy Crime – Man charged over unwanted 40cm penis tattoo. A man in Australia wanted to get a ying-yang tattoo on his back. His former friend decided he would look better with a foot long penis tattoo. He also charged him for the ink.

The Nominees for Off-Beat Art are: 9,852 Slice Toast Portrait, Working Hoverboard Takes Art Back To The Future, Artist Throws Works By Damien Hirst Into Bin, New York Subway Gets Etiquette Lesson, Tate Modern Filled With Porcelain Sunflower Seeds, Cardiff Street Bollards Hide Artworks.
Winner for Off-Beat Art – Portrait made from 9,852 slices of toast. It was a true labor of loaf. Laura Hadland gave her mother-in-law the best present of all for her 50th birthday. A giant portrait made of toast.

The Nominees for Oops are: BBC Weatherman Caught Giving The Finger On Air, British Bobsleigh Rider Splits Suit, Frustrated Airline Passenger Ate Winning Scratch-Card, Volvo Collision Avoidance System… Fails At Press Demo, Fake TV Report Of Russian Invasion Panics Georgia, Police Release Bizarre Lettuce Head E-Fit.
Winner for Oops – Police release bizarre lettuce head e-fit. Have you seen this man? Police in the UK released a photo of a burglar. The man was shown with brown eyes, a round face, and what appears to be a full head of lettuce hair.

Nominees for Funny Product are: Living Moss Bathroom Mat, Wine Rack Bra Conceals Boozy Boobs, KFC Release Double Down Bun-Less Sandwich, Deep Fried Beer Batter Pockets, Children’s Drawings Turned Into Cuddly Toys, Carstache: Because Cars Need Facial Hair Too.
Winner for Funny Product – Wine rack bra conceals boozy boobs. Need to sneak in some extra booze to a football game? The WineRack allows women to grow their bust, and hide their liquor, with their bra.

Nominees for the Lucky to be Alive award: Captain Calamity Crashes For The 13th Time, Shopkeeper Saved Falling Child In Escalator Fall, Climber Abseils Into Bubbling Volcano, Lorry Pushed Car Along Motorway At 60MPH, Pair Shot Themselves, To See What It Was Like, Explorer Wakes With Head In Polar Bear’s Mouth.
Winner: Explorer wakes with head in polar bear’s mouth. Sebastian Plur Nilssen got a rude awakening when he realized that the polar bear gnawing on his skull was not a dream. Suprisingly, Nilssen survived.

Nominees for PR Stunt are: Crisp Packets To Predict General Election Winner, Jars Of Fresh Air Given To City Workers, Alton Towers Bans Rollercoaster-Riding Squirrel, Glamour Girls Over-Exposed In X-ray Calendar, Hotel Chain Offered Human Bed Warmers, 7,500 Shoppers Unknowingly Sold Their Souls.
Winner is: Jars of fresh air given to city workers. With pollutants becoming a bigger problem in major cities, the National Trust in the UK decided that they had a way to alleviate people’s concerns. A free jar of fresh air.

Nominees for Record Breaker are: Speedy Lawn-Mowers Cut Records, Biggest Ever Coke And Mentos Fountain, 36 Miles Of Keepy-Uppy, World’s Shortest Man For Shortest Period Of Time, Longest Ever Grand Slam Tennis Match, Elastic Mouthed Man Stretches Record.
Winner is: Biggest ever Diet Coke and Mentos fountain. Thousands of people gathered in Mexico City to make the world’s largest Diet Coke and Mentos fountain. The Telegraph reports that there were 2,433 participants in total.

Nominees for Personality Of 2010 are: Paul Yarrow, Paul the Octopus, Wayne Rooney, The Stig (Ben Collins), Stjarnan FC.
Winner is: Paul Yarrow, News Raider. Don’t know Paul Yarrow? He’s a community worker in South London who has the strange habit of standing in the background of live news broadcasts.

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