Sunday, July 7, 2013

Penalties To Underage Criminals 150 Years Ago

Today minors are dealt with very delicately if they are found to be guilty of a serious crime. But 150 years ago, things couldn't be more different.

14-year-old Henry Miller was accused of stealing clothes and sentenced to 14 days hard labor.

Mary Catherine Doherty was sentenced to seven days of hard labor after she was accused of stealing an iron. The same punishment her accomplice - Hinnigan Mary Ellen Woodman and Rosanna Watson. It was enough just to accuse a child without any evidence and the chances are that the kids will be found guilty.

12-year-old Henry Leonard Stephenson was arrested on charges of intrusion into private homes. He was sentenced to two months in prison.

After stealing a vest, Ann Burns was sentenced to a month in prison. She was 18.

17-year-old Katherine Kelly was found guilty of stealing bed linen, for which she received a three-month prison sentance.

19-year-old cabinetmaker David Barron was arrested and sentenced to six months in prison for stealing champagne.

Michael Clement Fisher was 13 years old when he was arrested and sentenced to two months in prison for illegal entry into the house.

Robert Charlton went to jail for four months for stealing a pair of shoes.

13-year-old James Scullion was sentenced to two weeks of hard labor for stealing clothes. After he was sent to reform school for three years.

15-year-old Margaret Koch was convicted of stealing a coat. Given that this was her first offense, she was sentenced to two months' hard labor.

John Park was convicted of stealing a violin. Given that he had not been arrested, he was sentenced to month hard labor.

15-year-old Richard Rammington was convicted of stealing a tube out of the shop and had to work 14 days, but his parents paid the compensation for damage, and the boy was released.

12-year-old Jane Farrell stole a pair of shoes, for which she was sentenced to 10 days hard labor.

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