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Top 11 Royal Family Conspiracies

Did Diana Know Her Killer?
The road to Princess Diana's death in a 1997 car crash may have begun long before she even got into that Mercedes. Sources say that the real cause of the crash was actually the Royal Family and that the driver, Henri Paul, could have been drugged, and that bright flashing lights were used to impair the driver's vision of the dangerous, paparazzi-filled streets. Then came what could be incontrovertible proof of a plot: a rumored letter, written by Diana to her butler, Paul Burrell, claiming that the Royal Family saw her as an "inconvenient woman" and that they were planning some sort of car accident, which would pave the way for Charles to marry again. Burrell admitted to copying passages from Diana's private correspondence but denied secretly holding onto the note, according to The Daily Mail. Though an inquest into Di's death offered no definitive proof of foul play, Burrell's note hangs in British minds. 

Jack the Ripper: A Front to Protect the Crown's Reputation
At the close of the 19th century, Prince Albert Victor, aka Prince Eddy, was next in line for the throne - to the displeasure of many. Not only was Eddy a suspected bisexual, but he had had an affair with a (gasp) Roman Catholic shop girl named Annie Crook, which resulted in a child, one possible born out of wedlock. Either way, Queen Victoria was displeased with her future son's associations and instructed her physician, Sir William Gull, to "take care of it." He brought Crook to a hospital where she was "treated" to the point of being institutionalized for the rest of her life. This began a domino effect. All the women who were friends with Annie needed to be eliminated to keep the situation a secret. Dr. Gull may have created Jack the Ripper and carried on savagely silencing the women under the cloak of a vicious serial killer. An alternate theory suggests that Dr. Gull was aided by the Masons and became their ritual killer.

British Royals Are Behind Presidential Assassinations
A pamphlet issued in December 1994 by The New Federalist newspaper claims that the British Royals have been behind all of America's presidential assassinations. The pamphlet claims that the assassinated presidents were verging on being too successful in their efforts to advance the U.S. and the British were not pleased with the competition. The author argues that in each killing, the rise of the Vice President into power compromised the efforts of the previous president, thereby hindering the forward movement of the U.S. and benefitting the ruling power of the crown.

The Royals are Reptiles
If you've ever wondered how Queen Elizabeth is still alive and in power, here's the answer: the Royal Family are all shape-shifting lizard people. Conspiracy master David Icke claims that the Royal Family are not humans but rather alien reptiles who have taken on human form in an effort to enslave humanity. Icke claims to have taped an interview with Christine Fitzgerald, a confidant of Princess Diana's, saying that Diana had told her that the Royal Family hasn't died in ages - they have "metamorphosised" by rebuilding flesh, much in the same manner that a lizard re-grows a tail. She went on to explain that the Queen Mother is "Chief Toad." The reign of the lizard people supposedly stretches beyond England: lizard people have infilitrated the highest levels of power in every country.

Coburg Family Conspiracy
Sure, the Royal Family may be a group of austere palace-dwellers now but their roots are far from Buckingham - in fact, they're closer to the fields of Germany. In the early twentieth century, the Saxe-Coburg-Saalfield family went from ruling a small, inconsequential German fiefdom to presiding over thirteen royal families, all thanks to the scheming of Leopold Coburg and Augusta, his mother. In The Coburg Conspiracy, author Richard theorizes how the Coburgs could have pulled off such a meteoric acension to power. It began, he says, with one key marriage of Leopold to the daughter of Prince Regent, orchestrated by the Henry Higgens-esque Mother Coburg, who groomed her family to act and become aristocrats, suggesting that kings and queens are made - not born.

Kate and William: Blood Relatives Of A Tyrant?
Kate Middleton's lineage is not as common as we've been led to believe. The Daily Mail revealed that her blood can be traced back to a knight in Queen Elizabeth II's court - but so can her future husband's. Kate and Will are kissing cousins, connected by Sir Thomas Leighton, a sadistic tyrant who wielded an iron fist over the island of Guernsey. He jailed those who questioned him without trial, was an enthusiastic supporter of drawing and quartering and seems to have enjoyed blood a little too much. British historians have, until now, chosen to ignore his existence but now the truth is out about ancestors of the royal couple. Many wonder why this was kept under wraps for so long and what it means for the future of the crown.

Is the Queen Related to the Prophet Mohammed?
The Queen has a trump card in the conflict in the Middle East. Harold B. Brooks-Baker (publishing director of Burke's Peerage, the genealogical guide to royal lineage) told United Press International "that the blood of Mohammed flows in the veins of the queen. However, all Moslem religious leaders are proud of this fact." The connection can be made through the Arab kings of Seville who once ruled Spain. Through marriage and children, their blood was passed to kings of Portugal and Castille and through them to King Edward IV of England. Could this be England's secret weapon?

Royal Family Members Were Nazi Sympathizers
When Prince Harry jokingly donned a Nazi uniform in 2005, he may not have known he was saluting his ancestors. In 1938 King Edward VIII abdicated the throne when he chose marriage to a twice-divorced American over the crown — or so we've been told. Blogger Ryan Paul and other observers believe that he stepped down due to his Nazis sympathies, having developed friendly relations with Hitler, and that his behind-the-scenes support continued long after he was dethroned. In 1995, the Washington Times revealed that Edward - later the Duke of Windsor - communicated with Nazis in both Spain and Portugal with the intent to ruin Churchill, dispose of his brother King George VI and regain the throne. He is also rumored to have leaked Allied war plans for the defense of Belgium. Soon after that alleged leakage, Edward was relocated to the Bahamas where he would be less of a threat to national safety.

Edward II Could Have Been Alive Long After His Supposed Murder
King Edward II was not a great king. His reign was marred by military defeats, internal fighting and loopy incompetence. He was accused of sodomy by Bishop Adam Orleton, an ally of Queen Isabella who wanted (and eventually took) King Edward's throne. It therefore came as no surprise to the country when he was murdered in 1327. That is, he was allegedly murdered. In fact, Edward (played by a young Ian McKellan onstage, above) could have still been alive a decade after his apparent murder by an agent of the then ruling Queen Isabella. Historian Ian Mortimer postulates that Edward in fact died in Italy around 1341, having escaped his imprisonment to live the remainder of his life in exile. Many believed he was suffocated or strangled or had a red-hot poker thrust into his anus. However, there was never any definitive chronicle of his assassination - perhaps because it never happened.

The Babington Plot
Many of Queen Elizabeth I's subjects disapproved of her seat on the throne, preffering her cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots, a Roman Catholic who was second in line for the throne. Those who sought to restore England to the Catholic kingdom it was before Henry VIII saw that the only way to do accomplish this would be to eliminate Elizabeth and bring Mary to power. Elizabeth and her supporters were well aware of this and therefore put Mary into the custody of a series of jailers for 18 years. But that was not enough. In 1584, a Bond of Association was signed by Elizabeth's Privy Council, which said that anyone in line for the throne would be executed if some one plotted against the Queen on their behalf, giving the Queen's men cause to pounce on and execute Mary.

King Arthur Was Actually Jesus?
The fascinating legend of King Arthur is rivaled only by the stories of Jesus; could it be they were the same person? In his book King Jesus, Ralph Ellis asserts that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were actually a wealthy couple in possession of land and a private army. When the Romans wanted to charge Jesus taxes, the Jews rebelled and lost, with Jesus exiled to a fortress in England. There, Jesus rose to power again, gaining disciples and the new name of King Arthur. His disciples were known as the Twelve Knights of the Last Supper Table. Could the tales of Arthur and his men simply be an unwritten book of the Bible? - by Justine Sterling

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