Friday, October 5, 2012

Unique Nokia Phones Ever Launched

What is the first thing that strikes your mind when you think about a Nokia phone? The all-famous Candybar design, few megapixels for the camera, amazing battery life and – that’s your average Nokia phone.

Nokia 8580
However, ever since 2003, Nokia has been up to some innovative and wonderful stuffs. If you are ever tired of your old wrist watch, then Nokia 8580 watch is just the gadget for you. So it’s time to be the Bond among your friends.

Nokia 7600
This phone is meant for the fashionable. Nokia had just entered 3G and probably wanted something cooler than a small brick with an antenna to showcase it. Hence, their first teardrop shaped phone (female buyers’ bling). 3G however was pretty pointless on the pretty 7600 – it was “notoriously awkward” to handle, and required two hands to use. You had to learn to change your entire cell phone muscle memory – and then it was still as awkward, learning that 1-5 was on the left and 6-0 on the right side (meaning you dialed two handed).

Nokia 7280
Better known as the lipstick phone, Nokia 7280 was introduced when Nokia got carried away with designing pretty things. The 7280 had no keypad, and while you can take calls on it, dialing a number requires playing with the jog wheel, iPod style. The phone is long, thin and straight, the phone offers a display, a jog wheel and a few buttons on its front and that’s it. The LCD display was behind a mirrored screen which was actually mirror enough to check your lipstick. And the camera pretty worked like the way you had to pull out your lipstick.

Nokia’s L’Amour Collection
Nokia’s L’Amour collection is a beauty to behold. The uneven golden etching blended with silver flowers encased in a velvet pouch makes the L’Amour series of Nokia breath-taking. It definitely can be a great gift for the high status women folk. What say, guys?

Nokia Surv1
This is still Nokia’s concept phone which is rugged, water and shock-proof scratch-proof touchscreen phone that clips onto your belt. There’s the flashlight and a GPS to get you back to civilization.

Nokia E70
This is a compact smartphone for email, texting (and obviously making calls) has a business-centric app suite. There are issues with the battery backup and the phone has everything to look an alien gadget.

Nokia Prism 7500
If you like Geometry and Geometrical patterns, then this is the exact phone for you. The phone dazzles with its triangular keys and strikes a positive note interms of design.

Nokia N-Gage
If gaming is in your blood, then N-Gage is the phone you should be opting for. Nokia has built this gadget especially for the gamers. The keys and joystick are placed for the convenience of the gamers. So hard core gaming is now a reality. Thanks to the innovative Nokia team behind this model.

Nokia X5
On occasions, Nokia will experiment with its form factor and shape. Now this is a hybrid phone in all ways, be it square in shape or a slider in place. Whoa, we even have a QWERTY keypad in this phone and a 5MP camera. The phone also features accelerometer controls. So what are you waiting for? Go get your hands on this square messenger right away.

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