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Top 10 Horrifying Prisons Of The World

Prison is a place where government keeps the criminals by separating them from the rest of the society. Criminals are those who defy the laws and goes against the political regime. From the ancient times these prisons holds the special place in the history. Kings used to keep the criminals in those prisons for the time being until they are either executed or given a penalty. Now, the governments around the world are using prisons to keep the criminals either serving their time or those who are still waiting charges and sentence. Many famous figures have served into these prisons like Nelson Mandela and John McCain. These prison’s not only housed notorious cirminals but also served as House Of Slaves. Few prisons came to limelight due to daring escapes, barbaric treatments or even cruelty towards the inmates. Few of those prisons are now a tourist spots. Following is a list of top 10 such infamous prisons around the world.

1. Tower of London, London 
Tower of London is a famous prison in London where few of the very famous person were kept like Thomas More, Anne Boleyn, King Henry VI, Rudolph Hess and even Catherine Howard who was the wife of King Henry VI. Ironical isn’t it. Now, it has become the home to British crown Jewels with a status of most haunted building in entire England.

2. Alcatraz, California, USA 
Alcatraz was very famous military and federal prison which has now become a tourist spot. Alcatraz was the the first maximum security minimum privilege prison of the country. This prison is also known as The Rock which was the title of  The Rock movie starring Nicholas Cage.

3. Chateau d’If Prison, France 
Mentioned in the book “The Count of Monte Cristo” by Alexander Dumas, Chateau served as a prison to hold the political and religious prisoners. Wealthy people used to get the better treatment than the poor. This is the most famous prison of the entire France.

4. Robben Island, South Africa 
Robben Island is a prison in South Africa which housed famous persons like Nelson Mandela and Kgalema Motlanthe. It has since become a famous tourist spot which you can reach by taking a ferry from Cape Town.

5. Tuol Sleng Genocide Prison, Cambodia 
One of the most horrifying prisons in the world where more than 17,000 people were tortured and executed during the rise of the Rouge Regime. Now, Tuol Sleng Genocide Prison is turned into a historical museum to remember the actions and cruelty of Khmer Rouge regime.

6. Goree Island, Senegal 
Once the house of slaves, Goree Island have seen people turned into slaves who will later be sent to other countries. This prison is now turned into a museum to serve as a pilgrimage site for many African-Americans tracing their roots.

7. Elmina Castle, Ghana 
Being the oldest European building, it served to house slaves who are captured to be sold to other countries. The rooms housing more than 200 people are so small, there were not enough space to even lie down. History would record that more than 30,000 slaves were kept here and later sold to other countries.

8. Hanoi Hilton, Hanoi 
This prison was built to keep Vietnamese prisoners who defied the French Law. The prisoners go through extreme torture, murder and starvation. Famous figures like Senator John McCain (who later ran for US presidential bid) and James Stockdale have served here as prisoners-of-war.

9. Four Seasons Hotel (Sultanahmet Jail), Istanbul 
Sultanahmet Jail was built to keep intellectual dissidents and writers who defied or didn’t agreed to the Ottoman Empire rule. Later the prisoners were transferred to Sagmalcilar prison which used to keep the military offenders. Later Sultanahmet Jail was purchased by Four Seasons and now it is a five-star hotel in Istanbul.

10. Devil’s Island, French Guiana 
This is one of the infamous prison where hardened criminals and political criminals were kept during Napolean III’s reign. Many prisoners planned their escapes but all are in vain. This prison is very well described in the movie Papillon starring Dustin Hoffman.

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