Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How To Prove 1 = 2

Let us prove that 1 is equals to 2. Is that possible? Can 1 = 2 ? Yes, it's possible theoretically. This is called Mathematical Fallacy. So, what is fallacy? It’s a statement or an argument based on false or invalid inference. In other words, it can be described as certain kind of mistakes in calculation, derivation or proof that are often exhibited, collected, as illustrations of the concept of mathematical fallacy. These maths tricks can sometimes be very interesting and entertaining. In the below equations, we will assume that a = b for our calculation to prove that one is equal to 2.

Solution 2: To Prove 1 = 2 Using Addition and Subtraction method

Solution 3: To Prove 1 = 2 Using Multiplication and Substitution method

Solution 4: To Prove 1 = 2 Using Subtraction, Multiplication and Substitution method

Solution 5: To Prove 1 = 0.5
This is a bonus calculation to prove one is equals to half.
While discussing the above method with Teja, one of my good friends, he was able to prove that half is equals to one using the Division method.

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