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Top 10 Soft Drinks

Nowaday’s soft drinks, energy drinks, juices, cocktails, sodas, flavored shakes and different beverages play a major role in our daily expenses. Sometimes alcoholic drinks come into consideration but it varies from country to country. You would be astonished to hear that every second 15,000+ beverages of different kind are sold throughout the globe. If we do our own analyses it would be very easy to realize that how much soft drink we take daily or weekly. Soda drinks are also very common these days. Quintillion’s of dollars are spent on these kinds of soft drinks all over the globe throughout the years.

10. Diet Mountain Dew
Mountain Dew was launched in 1964 and went on win over the hearts of almost all the youths the world over. Currently ranked at the 10th spot of the Top 10 Soft Drinks List, Diet Mountain Dew (which came out in 1988) is one of the 15 different versions of Mountain Dew and is notorious for having the most quantity of caffeine as compared to other diet sodas. It retains the same taste but leaves a strange taste in the mouth afterwards. Diet Mountain Dew has become a very popular fountain drink here in the USA with people of all ages.

9. Caffeine-Free Diet Coke

Being a variant of Diet Coca Cola, Caffeine-Free Coke initially was met with a bad response from the consumers who didn’t like the taste at all. It contains zero caffeine and less sugar than the regular version. Later on it was revamped and now is also available as Caffeine-Free Diet Coke. It has just recently began to grab a secure foothold in the market and is steadily becoming popular with people. It is currently placed at 9th in the Top 10 Soft Drinks list.

8. Fanta
Fanta is a fruity flavored drink quite popular in Europe and was later brought to the USA by The Coca Cola Company. It is mostly liked by young ones and the women but has recently been increasingly consumed by men too. Fanta has over 90 flavors with Fanta Orange being the most popular. Europe still contains real orange juice to enhance the fruity fun of the drink and to stay true to its roots. Fanta has a very unique advertising campaign in which different colored Fanta girls (called Fantanas) represent different flavors.

7. Sprite
Sprite earns the 7th place in the Top 10 Soft Drinks list. Sprite, since the 60s, has been in competition with 7up . The lemon-lime flavored caffeine free beverage is equally liked by all age groups from around the world. The zesty bubbly taste of this drink is quite a refreshing and enjoyable experience. Sprite is the worldwide leader of lemon soda market since the last 30 years and is owned by The Coca Cola Company.

6. Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper is the most unique soft drink because of its taste and distinct color and probably the biggest underdog of the entire Soft Drinks and Food Beverages market. The exact flavour of the drink cannot be described but has to be experienced! You can never put your finger on the exact flavour as many fruits register on the tongue at the same time. It is made by Pepsi outside the USA. This drink is also offered as Diet Dr Pepper and caffeine free versions for the health conscious users.

5. Diet Pepsi
Definitely the innovator in this field, Diet Pepsi stands tall at the 5th position of the Top 10 Soft Drinks of the world list. Pepsi Co came out with this product quite earlier than Coca Cola and easily won the approval of all the health conscious people around the world. A slight change of taste is notable due to the absence of sugar and caffeine but even that has not deterred fans who love the soft drink!

4. Mountain Dew
The citrus flavoured Mountain Dew, since being launched in the 60s, has become the preferable drink of youngsters and is associated with thrill and dangerous sports. Advertisements show youngsters enjoying death defying extreme sports without a hint of fear. This Pepsi owned brand is currently ranked at the 4th spot in the Top 10 Soft Drinks list. A unique feature of Mountain Dew is that is has quite a few different variations like Grape flavours (Japan) to the X-treme taste(Gulf Countries).

3. Diet Coke
Introduced in the 80′s when the entire world was becoming more and more health concious and recognizing that the sugar loaded soft drinks were not a very healthy beverage, Diet Coke became an instant hit with mostly the middle age group. Diet Coke is also available in many exciting flavours which retain the great taste and add a new zing to the drink! Pepsi had already taken the market of the diet soda before Diet Coke came out as The Coca Cola Company was unwilling to alter the original formula and hence, the taste, of the drink for this new product.

2. Pepsi
Pepsi, previously Pepsi Cola, hit the scene way after The Coca Cola Company began and capture a lot of its rival’s market share. Although these dark colored soft drinks are quite similar in color and fizziness, its the distinct flavour Pepsi offers to its dedicated fans that keep them loyal to this brand. This brand has seen its share of changes and revamps and yet has always pleased the masses, especially the youngsters at whom all their advertising is aimed at. Pepsi comes in at number 2 in the Top 10 Soft Drinks of the World list.

1. Coca Cola
Long past the days when people thought that Coca Cola used drugs to make customers addicted to its flavour, the Coca Cola Company is going strong at the top spot and does not plan on coming down any time in the near future! Coca Cola is a symbol of the real American values and has withstood the test of time while making sure people get only the best of its products. The advertisement of this brand does not aim at the younger generation like Pepsi, but shows us the goodness of just being able to enjoy life.

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