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Old Airplanes Converted Into Buildings

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Posted : December 2014
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How would you feel about living inside a real airplane for the rest of your life? Or enjoy your stay inside an airplane that has been converted into a hotel? Well, as outrageous as it sounds, it’s a real thing! All around the world, there have been airplanes converted into buildings and they are workable, livable, hospitable places. They may look odd from the outside, but they meet their intended purpose at the end of the day.

A Boeing 747 hotel in Costa Rica

A Boeing 747-200 house in Oregon
The man who lives here, Bruce Cambell, turned the cockpit into a reading room and a movie theater (!!!). He has reused many of the old equipment from the plane, such as the water tank.

Lisunov Li-2 as a bakery in Budapest, Hungary
The Lisunov is the Soviet version of DC-3. The bakery was named “Small Pilot.”

An Ilyusin Il-18 hotel at Teuge Airport, Netherlands
A single luxury suite that includes a jacuzzi, sauna, big screen TV’s, AC, and a mini bar.

The classic Douglas DC-3 as a café in Mangaweka, New Zealand
Il-18 as a restaurant in Abda, Hungary

C-47 house in Chile
In 1974, the 6 man crew (plus the 10 year old son of the pilot) crash landed in Chile. 24 years later, the boy returned to the crash site and turned it into a house.

Tu-18 fuselages on a building in Russia

Boeing 747 as a modernist house in Malibu
Built by David Hertz and his architects in 2011

A Bristol Freighter hotel in Woodlyn Park, Waitomo, New Zealand
One of the very last Vietnam-era Allied planes, now a 2 room hotel in Woodlyn Park

Here’s the better question? Although these planes no longer fly, can whoever goes inside them still be called “flight crew”?

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