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This Is What The Last 100 Years Of Beauty Trends Looked Like

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Posted : Dec 2014
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Every decade is known for its unique look. It’s impossible to think back on the 1920s without seeing images of flappers with adorable bobbed curls or the 1970s without Farrah Fawcett’s iconic feathered ‘do. Some we look back on with awe and find inspiration, while others will live forever in embarrassing infamy. (We’re looking at you, 1980s.) In honor of each distinct style, the crew over at The Cut broke down every beauty trend that women rocked through the past 100 years in just a little over one minute with their incredible timelapse video.

The demure early 1900s.

The roaring 1920s.

The stoic 1930s.

The swinging 1940s.

The sultry 1950s.

The groovy 1960s.

The far out 1970s.

The totally rad 1980s.

The fly 1990s.

The chic 2000s.

The return to basic 2010s.

Seeing them all stacked together like this, you can’t help but wonder where we’ll take our faces and follicles next.

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