Friday, October 11, 2013

How To Stretch Tight Shoes In 2 Mins

Ideally the shoes fit before you buy them, but if you are getting them on eBay without trying on, then you're asking for trouble. I just bought the new flats and they appeared to be a bit tight in the toes.  Wearing them in might be rather painful, so not to suffer in silence I decided to try this incredibly simple trick. And frankly speaking was impressed with the result as it really worked!

Ok, so to stretch out the tight area you just need a pair of socks and a hairdryer. The process is very simple:
Put on your socks (or maybe a few pair of socks).
Stuff your feet into the shoes.
Then take a hairdryer and aim it on the tight section for a few seconds while flexing and stretching your feet.
Keep the shoes on while they cool down.
Then remove the socks (or put on the stockings) and check the fit.
It should be stretched out, but if you need more room, then repeat the process again.

See, it was easy :)

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