Sunday, September 8, 2013

5 Celebrity Brawls That Got Violent

There are always tempers flaring and fights breaking out in Hollywood, but they usually don't make it past mere words for fear of ruining reputations. However, it seems these celebrities didn't seem to mind. Sometimes actions speak louder than words.

Chris Brown vs. Drake
In one of the most violent and widely publicized recent celebrity feuds, Chris Brown, Drake and their entourages got into it at a New York City nightclub in June last year. After Brown allegedly sent a bottle of champagne over to Drake's table, the pair began to fight over Brown's treatment of his ex, Rihanna (who Drake is very good friends with). The fight ended with a bottle getting broken and thrown at Brown, and a bodyguard was heavily injured as the entourages clashed. Chris later ranted on Twitter about the fight, and posted a picture that showed a bloody laceration on his chin that he reportedly received from the broken bottle. 

Liam Hemsworth vs. Members of the Public
The young Aussie actor, famous for playing Gale in the "Hunger Games" movie and dating Miley Cyrus, has had multiple incidents of violence. In 2009, he was with his brother Chris Hemsworth (also an actor, he plays Thor in "The Avengers") outside of an event in Hollywood when he was allegedly approached by a member of the public Suddenly a violent fistfight was sparked, involving both brothers. Later in 2012, Liam threw several punches at a bar patron who reportedly threw a rock at him after leaving a Philadelphia hotspot in the early hours of the morning. The fight was caught on video and spread all over gossip sites and social media, earning the young Hemsworth a bit of a violent reputation.

Britney Spears vs. Car
In one of the most infamous celebrity meltdowns of the past decade, Britney Spears shaved her head and then proceeded to get violent with a paparazzi's car. Caused by a rough 24 hours in which Spears checked out of rehab only to lose custody of her kids to Kevin Federline, she grew frustrated with the hoards of paparazzi constantly tailing her car and decided to fight back. After pulling over, she emerged swinging with a green umbrella and started to bash the nearest photographer's car. The photos from the incident are now synonymous with the dark days of Spear's career. She later tried to explain the event away on her website, insisting that she had gotten too into character preparing for a role she never got. Likely story.

Justin Bieber vs. Paparazzi
In just one of a string incidents indicating tween favorite Justin Bieber's fall from grace, he recently got violent with a mass of paparazzi outside of a hotel in London while he was on tour. After Justin ran into one particularly contentious paparazzo, the photographer began to hurl insults at the singer. Hearing these insults, Bieber came back out of his car blazing for a fight, shouting curses and violent threats, straining to throw a punch at the man. The teen had to be restricted from leaving the van by his own bodyguard, sparking rumors that the normally squeaky clean pop artist was starting to spiral out of control.

Lindsay Lohan vs. Dina Lohan
Although Lindsay has always had a notoriously fraught relationship with both parents, things came to a head last October. This fight began with Lindsay making the gross error of going out clubbing with her mother in the first place. After partying until the early hours of the morning in New York, the pair began arguing over where they wanted the limo to go, and things escalated from there. Lindsay ended up calling her father and accusing her mother of kidnapping her and being high on cocaine. Lindsay sustained a scratch on the leg and broken jewelry. She also called the police on accused of domestic violence, but no charges were made. Most likely just a drunken brawl, the pair have made up since then.

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