Sunday, November 4, 2012

25 Amazing Gadgets To Make Your Life More Interesting

I think that there is not a single person to have not watch at least a single episode from the Start Track series, and the various fictional gadgets used by the actors amazed everyone. Fortunately, what was at that time unimaginable is nowadays coming true but obviously there are still some items that aren’t practical; but it won’t be long till these will became true too.

With the release of a multitude of smartphones and tablets, the market simply exploded with the public showing extreme interests to the products. Some specialists say that the auto industry is suffering because the public prefer to buy new gadgets instead of saving money for a car. Whatever it is, we are all grateful to the inventors and are forever expecting newer gadgets to make our lives more comfortable and pleasant. We should bear in mind too that the entire process of creating a new gadget is difficult with tons of resources invested into it.
Digital Device to Draw and Measure

Average day watch


Eskuché 33i Headphones

Skullhub USB

Universal Gadget Wrist Charger

Melting Clock

Desk cup holder

Mobile Stand by support

Virtual Keyboard

Wireless speaker light bulb

Blue LED touchscreen watch

Scanner for iPad

Keyboard vacuum

Retro camera case for iPhone

Flying alarm clock

Bamboo keyboard and mouse

Curve touch lamp

Multifunctional Mouse

Facebook pillow

Physical keyboard for iPad

Big Bang Theory Sticker

Amplifier for iPad

Classic headphones

iPhone docking station
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