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12 ATVs That’ll Take You Off-Road In The Future

Roads or no roads, ATVs can go anywhere. But, can cars be left far behind? While ATVs always had a tough off road cred unmatched by cars, car technology has caught up over the years to make cars just as tough and hardy as the ATVs. Fasten your seat belts as we take you through the 10 hottest ATV concepts that may burn up the roads of the future.

All-Terrain Sports coupe
Want to play batman? You might as well go ahead and do it with the All-Terrain Sports Coupe. Designer Batyr Ospano has put this very futuristic looking on-off road vehicle together. The icing on the cake is that the coupe even uses solar power as an additional source of propulsion. When will this concept make it to city streets? Our guess is as good as yours.


Here is another ATV concept that looks wicked to say the least. Humongous wheels with a gnarly stance give the OverRider ATV tons of street cred. Will it make it to production? The designer himself admits that he has no plans of producing this concept. We feel it is a good thing because kids will be scared silly with this monster preying the city streets.

Polaris 4WD ATV
Designer Marcus Ignacio Madia presents his very own rendering of the Polaris ATV 4WD concept. This concept which marries the 4WD capability of SUVs with the nimbleness of ATVs looks extremely practical as a sports AT as well as a ranch run about. Navigation is based on a handle mounted GPS console. The design is futuristic with an emphasis on usability. We say, go ahead and put it into production.

The green brigade don’t exactly get along with ATVs tearing through the countryside. But, they might be a little more than impressed with designer Tristan Hipps’ KTM RC4 ATV. Why? Because, his concept uses battery power for propulsion. This sharp looking, minimalist concept takes us back to the days when mobility meant four wheels, an engine with a seat on top. Unlike conventional ATVs, you can even go corner caring with this one. We can’t wait to see this one on the streets.

Fiat-Hummer Oltre
Fiat makes cute little cars while Hummer makes touch and macho SUVs. In an unusual alliance, they come together to debut the Oltre concept. The exterior looks typical Hummer with the big, bad bruiser looks while the interior is cutesy Fiat. Power figures, at 185HP are a big letdown for a vehicle of the Oltre’s girth. The Oltre salvages some pride with 456NM of torque. But what are those small wheels, well relatively speaking, doing on this bruiser?

JEEP Hurricane
Here is the all terrain vehicle which started it all, the venerable JEEP. Monstrous is a mild word to describe the JEEP Hurricane. How about two massive V8s, one at front and another in the rear, to propel this monster from zero to sixty in less than fie seconds? Brutal concept. ATVs will run for cover when the JEEP Hurricane is on the prowl.

Citroen C Buggy
Citroen has been burning up the WRC stages and has now brought it’s rich rallying heritage onto the streets. Say hello to the Citroen C Buggy. The C Buggy can seat two and is powered by a 173HP diesel power plant. Doesn’t sound like much, but we think it will be pretty cool for the light two-seater. The C Buggy skimps on the roof, windows and the windscreen to give you that one-with-the-nature feel. Dakar rally anyone?

Husser Dakar Rally Concept
Talking of the Dakar Rally, designer Klaud Wasiak has conjured up the Husser Dakar Rally concept. The Husser looks like a over sized, futuristic dune buggy with winged projections at the rear. This concept takes inspiration from a very unlikely source, the Polish cavalry winged uniform, from the 18th century. Taking things to all new levels, the navigator will have to handle the winged projections while the driver goes about dune bashing. Quite a handful, we say.

Helios ATV

On first glance, one would easily mistake the Helios ATV concept for a Mars Rover explorer. This ATV is the brainchild of designer Kim Gu-Han. The Helios is powered by solar energy and can even act as an energy station. Now, that explains all those solar panels spread out like wings. No, the driver can’t drive off with the solar panels spread out.

Lincoln Navicross
Is it a car? Or, is it an SUV? You decide. That is the Lincoln Navicross for you. Designed to be a crossover vehicle, the Navicross combines the aesthetics and dynamics of a sedan with the tough, go anywhere capabilities of an SUV. Power is delivered to the wheels by a 4.2 Liter V8. On the whole, the Lincoln Navicross is a brief glimpse into cars of the very near future.

BMW Mini Crossover
BMW has been successfully making crossovers like the X6. Not satisfied with that, the boffins take a Cute Mini and give it the crossover treatment. The Mini Crossover concept looks beefy with plenty of BMW touches all around starting from the headlamps. Nevertheless, it still manages to look like a Mini. That leaves us wondering whether the Mini Crossover will manage to handle like the Minis of yore.

Urban Quad ATV
Last but definitely not the least, we take a look at designer Pablo De Titta’s Urban Quad concept. Designed primarily as an urban commuting solution, the Urban Quad looks very futuristic. More stylish than utilitarian, the Urban Quad will definitely need more than style to conquer the uncompromising outdoors. We say plonk on off road tires before you hit the dirt.

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