Sunday, July 1, 2012

Charged With Murder But He Can't Stop Stabbing His Lawyers

We're not sure if stabbing lawyers should be considered a crime - or merely a thoughtful act of community service. But it seems the barristers of Everett, Washington are getting a little tired of being attacked by 27-year-old accused killer Joshua Monson...

He's charged with the January shooting death of Brian Jones. Now he's having a little difficulty maintaining his courtroom decorum.

Tom Cox was his first lawyer. But Monson apparently wasn't happy with his professional skills. So he snuck a pencil out of jail and stabbed Cox in the neck while they were in court.

Cox wasn't seriously hurt, but he decided to resign from the case, making it the first incident in legal history where a lawyer has turned down billable hours.

So Monson was assigned a second lawyer, Gurjit Pandher. But once again, he decided to stab him with a pencil too. Pandher wasn't hurt - it seems Monson is way better at shooting than he is at stabbing. But Pandher also resigned from the case.

Now, to make sure someone will defend Monson in court, a judge has decided to have his arms strapped to a chair whenever he appears. He'll also undergo a medical examination to see if he's crazy -- or if he's just a Good Samaritan trying to rid the world of a plague.

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