Sunday, April 15, 2012

Top 10: Weirdest Looking Sea Creatures

By LeTune

After the successful listing the weirdest looking emo kids we are now exhibiting the ugliest and most obscure of the animal kingdom. Needless to say these creatures can’t compete with the creation of human subcultures but take into account that none of the listed animals below are using mascara and are weird looking for the sole purpose of survival, not just because they hate their parents.

The Piglet Squid
The Piglet Squid (Helicocranchia) is perhaps not as weird looking as entirely adorable. This odd creature was first discovered of the coast of Nigeria and lives in deep ocean the world over. It is about the size of an orange and uses its small rastafari-like fins to swim around.

With the long tusk that extends from their heads, these whales look like unicorns of the sea. Although it would be awesome if they used their tusks to impale others when hunting and fighting, they are actually used to attract females and for other social activities.

The Hatchetfish
The discoverer who first stumbled across this deep sea fish should have rightfully called it The Fish of Death with it dead eyes and chilling stare. It also comes equipped with a light-producing photophores to scare off enemies and guard the depth of Hell, also nowadays known as the Gulf of Mexico!

Dumbo Octopus
Little is known about the dumbo octopus, which was named after the Disney cartoon for looking like an elephant without a trunk or tusks. They live 3000 to 4000 meters below the surface and use their ear-like fins to swim.

This sad looking fish lives 800 meters under the sea off the coasts of Australia and Tasmania. Their blob-like appearance is due to the fact that they have no muscles and are made up of a gelatinous substance. Just like humans that look like blobs and have very little muscle, these fish are rather lazy and usually just stay in one place and wait for their next meal to come by.

Although these Mexican salamanders look pretty happy, they are actually nearly extinct. And while they have the ability to regenerate most of their body parts, that didn’t help much when one of the only two lakes they are native to, Lake Chalco, was drained by humans. The low population of Axolotl is also threatened by non-native fish that prey on the axolotl’s young.

Yeti Crab
The Kiwa hirsuta was discovered in March 2006 in the South Pacific Ocean and was nicknamed “yeti crab” for the hair-like bristles that cover its arms. While this crustacean looks pretty fearsome in its own right, just imagine how terrifying a yeti with giant crab arms would be.

The Barreleye
This sad looking fellow was first discovered back in 1939ish but had until recently only been found dead in the nets of fishermen. In 2004 scientists release the first image and video recordings of a live and well Barreleye. No wonder he’s got the blues; everybody can see what he’s thinking.

The Goblin Shark
If there were unicorns of the bad kind they would look like this. The Goblin Shark is a deep water predator that can be found worldwide, though more frequently in the waters near Japan.

Many animals have strange defense mechanisms; skunks spray musk, possums play dead and turtles retreat into their shells. And as for hagfish? They squirt slime. Hagfish excrete a mucus-like substance that becomes thick and sticky when combined with water. This slime is used to distract predators and to help them escape from the jaws of fish. They feed on marine worms off of the sea floor as well as the bodies of dead or dying sea creatures. Hagfish enter the body through an opening, such as the mouth or the anus, and eat the creature from the inside. Due to their behavior, these creatures have been dubbed the most “the most disgusting of all sea creatures”, and I would have to agree.

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