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School Lunches From Around The World

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Posted : January 2011, March 2012
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A pictorial view into what children ate for lunch in schools around the world. This article aims at informing readers about the different cultures and their diet. Let's go in and view them....

Rice, Beans, Bread, Meat with vegetables, banana and alface, acelga salad

A fish, scrambled egg with tomato sauce, rice, broccoli, cauliflower, and soup

Czech Republic (Prague)
Soup, rice, chicken, dessert (is that egg on top?), juice and hot tea. 

Baguette, salad, couscous, mixed veggies in sauce, meat.
French fries, a piece of baguette, mystery meat, cake, something resembling an omelet, and a cup of something to drink.
Scallops, an artichoke, grapefruit, cheesecake, baguette and fries.

Brown rice and beans.

Rice porridge

Rice, sauce, lady’s finger curry with some Masala.

Udon, cheese-stuffed chikuwa (fish sausage), frozen Mandarin orange, and milk.
Rice, some dry seaweed(?), an orange wedge, some type of coleslaw(?), tofu soup and tea.
A roll (hot dog bun?), vegetable soup, orange wedge, something that looks like lasagna, milk, and some sort of vegetable salad.
Rolls, a slice of pineapple, soup, milk, and some noodle stuff.
Sardines, milk, rice, orange slice, and what looks like something totally foreign to me, in a bowl.

Kimchi, pork, bean paste sauce (sammjang), steamed cabbage, soup
Tofu soup, a banana, some noodle stuff, broccoli?, kimchi, and rice.
Kimchi, rice, soup, some greens, and some white thingies.
Kimchi, a fish, some seaweed looking thing, and some colorful mystery items.
Rice, milk, kimchi, meat looking substance, noodle things, tofu soup.

Noodle, prawn, fish-cake, eggs, a packet of vegatable and fruit juice, and an apple.

Beans, assorted vegetables, cabbage

Lechón kawali, liver sauce, rice

Fried anchovies, omelette, cabbage stir-fry with tomato and beansprouts, and chicken chop.

Smoked mackerel, bread, red pepper and tomato salad, kiwi, apple, and a milk cake.

Chicken salad, cottage cheese on knäckebröd, shredded carrot, sauce.
Potatoes, cabbage, beans, cracker, Lingon Berry juice

On the left: sweet and sour pork with pineapple, radish, carrots and green pepper, middle: vegetable stir fry with garlic, on the right: fish ball stew with cabbage, carrots and wood ear mushroom, and soup: seaweed and egg drop.

Ugali, chicken, greens, dipping sauce, watermelon salad.

Potato, peas, some sort of pudding, and your guess is as good as mine on the last item.

Cheeseburger, tater tots, chocolate milk, chocolate pudding, and ketchup
A healthy lunch. Chicken, beans, milk, salad, a roll and crackers.
Tater tots, chicken nuggets, fruit, chocolate milk and ketchup.
Orange, milk, baguette, green beans and spaghetti.
Broccoli, chocolate milk, chocolate cookie, marinara sauce, and what looks like pizza or cheese bread.
Applesauce, chocolate milk, hash browns, and chicken nuggets.
Taco salad, soda, mashed potatoes, and something that looks like it has either cheese or corn in it.
A partly eaten BBQ sandwich, potato chips, baked beans, and peach cobbler. Mmmm.
An organic lunch of chicken(?), vegetables, mashed potatoes, organic milk, and a pear. A little bland as far as my taste.
A roll, some salad with ranch dressing, chocolate milk, mashed potatoes, chicken nuggets and ketchup.
Peas, mashed potatoes, some sort of cake with sprinkles, a biscuit and what I believe is a beef pot pie.
A roll, mashed potatoes, Salisbury steak, some sort of desert, and something resembling a pile of sauteed onions.
Milk, fries in the shape of smiley faces, soup, crackers, ketchup and chicken nuggets.
Chocolate milk, baked beans, fruit, ketchup, french fries, a corn dog and coleslaw.

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