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Top 10 Countries On Earth, As Voted By Aliens

By Mark Ball

Where do aliens go on holiday? Well, the Earth would be an obvious answer, but where on the Earth? Thanks to TV and film, many people believe that aliens visit the U.S.A almost exclusively, but this is simply not true. UFOs have been spotted right around the globe, from Orkney to Auckland and Panama to Pyongyang. While the U.S.A clearly holds the monopoly on flying saucers, they do not own the exclusive rights.

Creating a list of the top ten countries most visited by aliens is no easy task, especially as there is no central authority on the subject. Short of pulling over a UFO and asking the aliens themselves where their favourite holiday destinations are, there can be no way of knowing for sure. Whilst in the U.S.A there are various ways to report a UFO sighting and many organizations dedicated to investigating UFO related phenomenon, most countries none, meaning that the majority of UFO sightings go unrecorded. It could be that aliens frequently visit some of the more obscure countries in the world, such as Tajikistan or Kyrgyzstan, we just don’t know it (actually, the Altai Mountains region in central Asia is thought to be a UFO hotspot, with evidence of alien visitations to the region hundreds, even thousands of years ago. However, the frequency of UFO sightings here cannot be determined as most are thought to go unrecorded). While a country bumpkin in America can easily spread the word of his encounter by telephone, email, YouTube or a variety of other methods, an equally inbred person in the Ghobi Desert might not.

The language barrier is also an issue, as are cultural and media divisions. By looking at the statistics you could be fooled into thinking that aliens prefer to visit the English-speaking world. But if a group of aliens were spotted enjoying a picnic just outside the capital of Turkmenistan, what do you think the chances are of us hearing about it in the West? Even dedicated UFOlogists might miss out on the story. Second to the English-speaking world would seem to be the Spanish-speaking world, but this is likely because Spanish is America’s favoured second language. There has also been a rise in the number of reported UFO sightings coming out of India in recent years, but then many Indians do speak English and the sudden increase in correlation with the rise of internet communications in this rapidly developing country. Of course, major UFO sightings are eventually picked up upon by English speaking UFOlogists regardless of cultural boundaries, so we can say for certain that aliens do visit countries outside the U.S and it’s ‘sphere of influence’, but determining the true numbers of close encounters across the world remains a difficult task.

With no accurate statistics, perhaps it is better to focus on known UFO hotspots and so called ‘mass sightings’ around the world. The following list of the top ten countries visited by aliens has been compiled based on research conducted specifically for

10. Republic of Indonesia
UFO flies over neighborhood in Jakarta, Indonesia on Sept 2011
That’s right, Indonesia. You wouldn’t guess it but Indonesians report an incredibly high number of UFO sighting each year, perhaps relating to the country’s high population density. Unfortunately Indonesia has never experienced any particularly interesting or famous UFO sighting, but the sheer number of smaller sightings is enough to earn it a place at the bottom of the list, narrowly beating Australia (where sightings are fairly frequent but on the whole pretty unremarkable – sorry Australia). A large number of Indonesians reported seeing UFOs shortly before the famous Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004, leading to claims that aliens were trying to warn them to put on their swimming trunks.

9. French Republic
Date of sighting: March 3, 2012. Location of sighting: Nantes, France
France has a rich history of UFO encounters, with some dating back to the middle ages. In 2007, the French government made the unprecedented move of making all of its UFO files, past present and future, available to the public, hoping that UFOlogist will be able to provide explanations where they cannot.

8. Federal Republic of Germany
Date of sighting: August 18, 2012. Location of sighting: Reutlingen, Germany
Some of the earliest UFO sightings of the modern period took place over the skies of World War II Germany. Pilots on all participating sides of the war were baffled by strange craft, known as ‘foo-fighters’, in the skies of Nazi Germany and the Pacific Ocean. Rumours abound that Nazi Germany was not only experimenting with saucer shaped craft but that they had also forged an alliance with an otherworldly power. Since then the German people have been watching the skies with keen anticipation.

7. Canada
Ontario is the new hotspot for UFO sightings
As the Northern neighbour of the U.S, Canada gets a sizable proportion of its UFO overspill. Like balls accidentally kicked over a fence they usually remain lost in some bush or flowerbed somewhere but occasionally they break a window. Occasionally someone gets hurt too; like Stefan Michalak, for example, who claimed to have been burned by a UFO reactor exhaust in 1967 and afterwards suffered the effects of radiation poisoning. Later that year an unidentified object crashed into the waters of Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia in what has been called “Canada’s Roswell”. A search of the harbour was immediately undertaken but failed to find any evidence of the crash, leading to accusations that greedy Americans involved in the search had secretly taken the wreckage away. Why do aliens visit Canada? Let’s face it, there can only be two reasons; they are either just passing through on their way to the U.S or they are there to laugh at those silly Canadian policemen.

6. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
UK UFO sightings July 2008
England is the crop circle capital of the world. It also has a high number of reported UFO sightings, particularly in the Southwest of the country and in the bordering Principality of Wales. Salisbury Plain, in particular, is well known as a focal point for alien activity. The ancient monument of Stonehenge, just North of Salisbury, is thought to lie at the convergence of several so-called ‘ley lines’. These invisible lines are said to be UFO highways, making Stonehenge a sort of transportation hub. But if the aliens are simply passing by the gift shop then where are they going? Perhaps they are travelling to another dimension in which Stonehenge is a much sunnier and much more interesting holiday destination.
In 2008, the British Ministry of Defence released a 4000-page report upon the closure of its long-standing investigation into UFOs. The MoD UFO desk has received thousands of reported UFO sightings during its existence and has not had time to examine each case. Of those cases that have been examined, around eighty percent have been explained by rational means, leaving the other twenty percent shrouded in mystery. The MoD is now in the process of destroying the mountains of paperwork they have accumulated on the subject, along with any evidence.
The most famous alien encounter of the British kind took place in Rendlesham Forrest, 1980. Personnel from RAF Woodbridge were sent into the forest to investigate reports of a downed aircraft. They allegedly discovered a small alien craft and witnessed strange lights moving through the trees. Spooky.

5. United Mexican States
UFO seen in the distance over Mexico City
Mexico is well known as one of the world’s UFO hotspots. Not only does Mexico, like Canada, receive an overflow of Alien air traffic from neighbouring U.S states, it seems the aliens take a special interest in Mexico itself. Mexico city is said to be a particular favourite of extraterrestrial tourists. Why? Evidence suggests that aliens simply love ancient monuments and Mexico is littered with them. Like all tourists, visiting aliens simply can’t resist exploring Mexico’s pyramids and ruins.

4. The People’s Republic of China
Daytime photo of UFO sighting over Kunming, China
China (and the autonomous region of Tibet) has a long history of peaceful coexistence with aliens, with some sightings dating back thousands of years. Ancient myths speak of flying machines (occasionally referred to as pearls of the sky), sometimes made by men but more often by the gods. Some UFOlogists, notably Hartwig Hausdorf, has speculated that many accounts of dragons in Chinese mythology may indeed refer to alien craft. Chinese emperors have occasionally been picked up and taken for a ride in flying chariots pulled by dragons, and the gods themselves are said to have descended from the heavens inside dragons. One emperor even achieved immortality by being taken inside a dragon and flown into the heavens. Hartwig Hausdorf has even gone so far as to suggest that the entire of Chinese civilization has been built around the influence of extra terrestrial culture bearers.
More recently, China’s skies would seem to have much quieter, although the silencing influence of China’s communist regime have made it hard to know for sure. The Cultural Revolution made the recording of UFO evidence impossible and silenced any and all claims of alien contact by Chinese citizens.
However, with the Cultural Revolution now over, China’s official stance on aliens and UFOs has changed. Many are now speaking openly about their close encounters and the truth is finally being revealed. Not only was China the UFO capital of the ancient world, it continues to be one of the most popular alien holiday destinations of all time.

3. Russian Federation
UFO Fleet Flies Over Moscow, Russia on Dec 12, 2011
The Russian military has been baffled and bemused by UFO sightings for as long as the U.S Air Force has. During the dark days of the cold war, while many in the U.S were accusing the Soviets of flying experimental craft based on Nazi ‘flying disk’ plans, the Soviets were making the same accusations right back at them. Later, the Soviets accused China of flying UFOs across their common border, and China made the same claims. The Russian/Chinese border (the Altai Mountains) is thought to be one of the most active areas of UFO activity in the world. The local population think nothing of seeing strange lights in the sky. Unfortunately, being such a remote wilderness location, most sightings go unreported and are almost impossible to verify.
Of course, the biggest problem facing Russian UFOlogists has been the tight control of information by both the government and military. Fortunately, however, this is now changing and Russia’s full UFO history is finally being revealed. In 2009 the Russian Navy declassified its UFO files, revealing a string of UFO encounters dating back to the Soviet period. The files tell of how UFOs have shadowed Russian submarines, surfacing when they do and then taking to the skies.
One of the most incredible stories revealed by the declassified Navy files tells of an extraterrestrial encounter in Lake Baikal, the worlds largest and deepest freshwater lake, in 1982. A group of military divers, who were training in the lake, supposedly encountered a group of humanoid creatures dressed in silvery suits while at a depth of fifty meters. The divers gave chase and three died in the ensuing underwater scuffle.

2. Federative Republic of Brazil
UFO over São Paulo, Brazil - May 21, 2012
Brazil’s alien encounters are some of the most disturbing of all, not least because of their close association with the Chupacabre (Goat Sucker), but also because Brazilian close encounters often end with somebody getting seriously hurt. Take the Colares UFO flap, for example, in which victims were attacked with powerful laser beams, leaving them with radiation burns and puncture wounds.
Perhaps most chilling (although somewhat reassuring) is the seriousness with which the Brazilian government and armed forced treat UFO sightings. It’s as if they know the aliens have some dark intention. When UFOs swarmed the city of Varginha in 1996, the Brazilian Air Force scrambled fighters and the police, fire brigade and army units were mobilized, supposedly capturing two alien creatures. While the details of this incident remain secret, the Brazilian Air Force have released vast amounts of information about UFOs, including the details of the so-called ‘night of the UFOs’, during which they launched fighter jets to intercept an incredible twenty UFOs.

1. United States of America
UFO sighting by Trents, McMinnville Oregon USA 1950
There’s no denying it, the U.S.A is a hotbed of alien activity. With literally hundreds of reported UFO sightings each year, the States is the alien holiday capital of the world. It’s only a matter of time until they start retiring there.
Perhaps most compelling evidence of alien visitation is the huge number of ‘mass sightings’ in American airspace. These are UFO sightings in which there are many witnesses, making them the most credible sightings of all. A perfect example of a mass sighting, and a personal favourite of mine, is the so called ‘phoenix lights’ incident of March 1997. Over a hundred witnesses have come forward, all stating to have seen a triangular or ‘V’ shaped craft hovering above the city of Phoenix, Arizona during the evening of March 13th.
It is thought that between five and ten percent of the American population has seen what they would describe as a UFO. The U.S.A also holds the record for the highest number of reported alien abductions.
But why do aliens choose to visit the good old U.S of A? Some would say that they are drawn to its population density, it’s high output of TV and radio signals or its self-deluded belief that it is the most powerful, most advanced and most morally just country in the world. To that, I say, “get over yourself America”. Perhaps, if they are the good kind of aliens, they think that America is the country most in need of a lesson in world peace. Or maybe they think the rest of the world won’t one bit if they keep on poking and probing Americans at will.

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