Tuesday, November 13, 2012

5 Most Bizarre Accidental Deaths

By: Alexa Lyons

Who knew that soup, cacti, and balls of yarn could be so hazardous to your health?
Ilda Vitor Maciel, an 88-year-old Brazilian woman who was staying in a hospital after having a stroke, died in September 2012 after a nurse carelessly injected her with…soup. That’s right, soup. Not cyanide, not some potent painkiller, just some delicious canned broth. It got us thinking about other unusual causes of death. Here are five of them.

1. Death by Robot
In 1981, 37-year-old Japanese maintenance engineer Kenji Urada was “accidently” pushed into a grinding machine after failing to turn off a robot at the Kawasaki plant where he worked, making him one of the first (but probably not the last) people in history to be killed by a robot arm.

2. Death by Cactus
In 1982 27-year-old David Grundman was crushed to death after "cactus plugging," which in his case meant shooting at a colossal-sized cactus, which then fell on him. For those who knew him, it remains a prickly subject. (Sorry!)

3. Death by Orgasm
After 14 years of celibate coupledom (whatever that is), Sachi and Tomio Hidaka finally gave in to their sexual desires on a romantic evening in 1992. In the midst of what must have been some seriously passionate intercourse, both of the 34-year olds keeled over from cardiac arrest and died. Yet another reasoon to avoid being a virgin in your thirties.

4. Death by Tampons
In 1996, 26-year-old Mark Gleeson died of suffocation after stuffing tampons up his nose in an effort to alleviate his incessant snoring. Well, if he hadn't died from the tampons, he would likely have died of embarrassment anyway.

5. Death by Yarn
Co-owner of the Thomas & Sons Textile company, 47-year-old Paul G. Thomas was literally swallowed by a massive ball of yarn after getting caught up in a spooling machine in 1987. "Amateur," proclaimed cats everywhere.

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