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10 World’s Weirdest Hotels

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Author : Julia Melko

If you’re tired of staying in luxury hotels, you might want to try out some of the many unique and sometimes strange hotels that can be found all over the world. If you want a change from the cookie-cutter hotels you’re used to, try one of the following 10 hotels on your next trip.

1. CasAnus
CasAnus is a giant sculpture of a human intestine that is located in Kemzeke, Belgium. CasAnus was created by Joep Van Lieshout. It contains a double bed, heater, shower, and toilet. CasAnus is run by a couple of Belgian art collectors. While it might not look especially appealing from the outside, except for being in the middle of nature, the inside of the room is as comfy as any place else.

2. Das Park Hotel
Das Park Hotel located in Linz, Austria is actually a number of repurposed drainpipes that have been turned into rooms. Each room contains a bed, light, and power. These rooms are in the park and bathroom facilities and cafes are close by.

3. Palacio de Sal
This hotel is in Bolivia and is made entirely from salt. The floors, walls, and ceiling are made from salt. Even the bed and chairs are made of salt. Each room has a private bath. The Palacio de Sal is located at the eastern shore of the Great Salar de Uyuni.

4. Dog Bark Park Inn
If you’re a dog lover, this hotel is for you. Located in Cottonwood, Idaho, this hotel is actually in the shape of a dog. The room sleeps 4 and contains a full bath, a microwave, air conditioning, books, games, and puzzles, but no television or telephone. When you stay you’ll also be treated to a continental self-serve breakfast.

5. The Hobbit Motel
The Hobbit Motel can be found in Woodlyn Park, New Zealand. Each fully furnished unit can house up to 6 people. If you’re a fan of the books of J.R.R. Tolkien, this is a place you should visit.

6. Null Stern Hotel
The world’s first zero star hotel is located in Teufen, Appenzellerland, Switzerland. Their catch-phrase is “the only star is you.” The hotel was built in a cold war bunker and there are no windows. The bathrooms are shared, and there is a lounge, and two large rooms for 14 people.

7. Capsule Hotels
In Japan capsule hotels are quite popular. They are small measuring only 1 x 2 meters. Many of the capsule hotels do offer television and wireless internet, but usually don’t allow eating inside the capsule. Bathrooms are shared and there are restaurants. They are very basic and quite cheap to rent running approximately $25-50/night.

8. IceHotel
If you’re looking for a unique experience, the IceHotel is a must. This hotel in Lapland, Sweden is rebuilt every winter. IceHotel is the original. The IceHotel has 65 rooms with beds made of ice. While the temperature inside will be a chilly -5 Celsius, it’s warmer than the -15 Celsius outside. The hotel also has an IceBar, sauna, and restaurants.

9. V8 Hotel
Are you a car fanatic? The V8 Hotel in Meilenwerk, Germany may be your cup of tea. Each room has an automotive theme. You can sleep in a bed made from a white Mercedes or sleep in the workshop room where your car bed is actually lifted up on jacks. This hotel is child friendly. There is a CD player in each room, wireless internet, free parking, and laundry services.

10. Forest Hut Hotel
In Kolarbyn, Sweden you can stay in a hut in the forest and fend or yourself. If you would rather not forage for your own food, you can have food dropped to your site. If you’re looking for a new and unique experience, one of these hotels might be a nice change of pace and give you a once in a lifetime experience.

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