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Crazy Tricks Of Smugglers Across The Globe

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Posted : September 2014
Author : Charlene

We all get annoyed when we arrive from International locations, an have to wait in long lines. But, there is a reason why we wait in those long lines. It’s because smugglers take the risk, and bring in drugs, animals, and other specimens in the weirdest ways possible. There are no boundaries, and their creativity is endless! So, next time you’re annoyed, waiting in line forever….now you know why…

money in bread

cocaine in breast implants. this smuggler was really busted with cocaine.

cocaine in candy eggs

almost a metric of weed in the shape of a donkey

and if you turn to page 5, your book is geckos

mister ecstasyhead

wooden door filled with cocaine

the base is compressed ephedrine

frogs in a film canister

as it says on the label, this is just gay lube oil. also illegal steroids. 

cats filled with opium

somebody actually tried to smuggle two snakes stuffed in clay pots TO australia.

pringles made from compressed cocaine, 168gs to a pack.

bricks of hashish stamped with a lebanese cedar, 85kgs of which were supposed to be shipped TO the Netherlands.

42 bottles of liquid ketamine, declared as holy water. by a Canadian, no less.

wiipads stuffed with marijuana

where there’s a mexican border, there’s a t-shirt cannon to send canisters of marijuana over it with

15 clams, each filled with 10g of cocaine and glued shut. might have gone swimmingly on a fishing trawler, at the airport? didn’t fly there.

”In August 2011, authorities with the Federal Public Revenue Administration of Argentina found cocaine concealed in tiny screws carried by a Peruvian man flying from Buenos Aires to South Africa. In total, the smuggler had some 20 kilograms (44 pounds) of cocaine hidden among screws and other items on his person.”

you take a brick of methamphetamine, you cover it in chocolate, re-seal the package, and try to get 45 of them to japan. as you do.

15gs of amphetamine and 46 ecstasy pills were supposed to be smuggled into prison inside a diaper

dead beetles from peru, 100 of them, stuffed with 300gs of cocaine. no, not each.

“According to police, smugglers mixed drugs in crayons and sent them to prisoners. However, guards noticed orange discoloration and looked closer.” not pictured? the actual crayons. just imagine crayons with an orange tint.

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