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21 Spelling Mistakes That Happened At The Worst Time Possible

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Posted : September 2014
Author : Tom Butler

Should've gone to scool.
Being able to fluently communicate with other people is one of the big things that distinguishes ourselves as human. Because of this, having good grammar is of the utmost importance. As said by French Renaissance writer Michel de Montaigne, “the greater part of the world’s troubles are due to questions of grammar.” It’s probably a bit of an over exaggeration, but there can be dire consequences when it comes to easily avoidable miscommunication. For example, the Vasa warship of 1628 sank only a half-mile into her maiden voyage. For years, people puzzled over how it could have happened, until archaeologists discovered that one side was thicker than other. One group of builders had been using Swedish feet, while the others had been using Amsterdam feet, to disastrous consequences.
The entries on this list didn’t lead to anything quite as dire as sinking a warship, but they were probably the cause of some very red faces. From mislabelled food products, to educational institutions that struggle with their signs, here are twenty-one spelling mistakes that happened at the absolute worst time possible.

21. Yeah, You Tell Those Idiats!

20. Pretty Sure That Isn’t Legal…

19. A Renowned Institution

18. Rich People Problems

17. This Software Will Help Your Kids Grow Up To Be Sign Makers Too!

16. Wedding Is What? Anniversary Is What??

15. Your Tattoo Suggests Otherwise

14. Oh, Ok.

13. Cutting Edge Politial Commentary

12. And Don’t Get Me Started On Socrates…

11. If You’re Gonna Fall, At Least Do It Carefully

10. It’s Good That She Understands

9. Without Even A Hint Of Irony

8. Are You Sure?

7. Sounds Delicious!

6. No, You Really Shouldn’t.

5. Capcom Has The Finest Quality Control Department

4. A Truly Tradgic Spelling Mistake

3. Good To See The Roads Being Made Safer For Children

2. We Don’t Even Want To Know What A Pubic School Is…

1. Think Thick! ;)

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