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Top 10 Things NOT To Do In An Interview

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Posted : June 2014
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10. Be Too Quiet
Now is not the time to sit back and let the employer do all the talking. In the competitive job market today, you have to make an impression as interviews may come few and far between. Employers are looking for people are are engaging, outgoing, confident and willing to interact. Ask questions and don’t answer questions with just one word. Conversation is key.

9. Be Too Informal
First interviews give you one chance to make a positive impression. Employers are looking for people that carry themselves in a professional manner. Slouched in a chair or God forbid, feet on desk is not going to get you that second interview.

8. Ask Salary
Although this is the one thing you really want to know, the interview is not the place to ask salary. If you must have some idea, go online and Google the company and it’s pay scale. If the employer is seriously considering you as the interview continues, salary is something that they may bring up. 

7. Be Dishonest
As tempting as it is to say that you graduated first in your class, have performed certain tasks in your past, or rattled off a number of employers you have worked for, modern technology and your performance on the job will show otherwise. Be honest in your experience and make sure they know you are willing to learn.

6. Make Demands
Whatever you do, don’t make demands on what you expect from the position. Telling them that you can only work certain hours or need the month of June off to vacation is NOT going to land you the job. Keep in mind, you work for them and if you are lucky enough to get the job, it will probably need to be on the employers terms.

5. Avoid Eye Contact
This is something that many overlook and it speaks volumes about your confidence and interest in the position. Maintaining eye contact shows the employer that you are paying attention and locked in on what is being said. Avoiding eye contact may lead the employer to believe you are not interested in the job and that is not what you want in an interview.

4. Talk Negatively About Former Employer
Never, ever discuss your issues with a past employer. Speak positively about your experience, your employer, and the company. After all, your new employer is not going to want to worry that you will do the same with this position should it not work out.

3. Dress Too Casual
Have you ever heard of the saying, “dress for success?” Your appearance can actually make or break the interview. Professional attire is essential and any tattoos or piercings should be hidden if at all possible. Employers are looking for employees that will represent their company well.

2. Arrive Unprepared
Before you go to the interview, do your research! Make sure you are aware of what the mission of the company is and it’s background. This will enable you to intelligently ask questions and refer to the company in your discussion. Employers love potential candidates that have put in the time prior to the interview.

1. Arrive Late
And the number one thing to never do at an interview . . . arrive late! You might as well kiss the opportunity goodbye. Punctuality is so important and it is the first impression you give when meeting your potential employer. If some unforeseen circumstance does arrive and you are going to be late, be sure to call ahead and let them know.

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