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The 10 Most Ridiculous Child Arrests Ever Made

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Posted : September 2014
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I bet the majority of us can agree that we have had our fair share of getting into trouble as a child, but that comes with being a kid, right? But can you imagine being arrested every time you acted out when you were younger? Well, you won’t believe these 10 reasons children were arrested in the US. With a list from Intellihub and Policing the Police Facebook, we put together a few of the most ridiculous child arrests.

Burping in Class
Most of the time, teaching manners is left up to parents. However, a school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, decided to take matters into their own hands when they arrested a 13-year-old student for burping in class. How any police officer can justify an arrest for a normal bodily function is beyond us.

Spraying Perfume
Who knew it would ever be a crime to want to smell good? A 12-year-old girl, Sarah Bustamantes, was arrested for simply spraying perfume on herself at a public school in Texas.

Doodling on a Desk
Most of us can say we are guilty of doodling while we were in class at some point or another, but imagine getting arrested for it. This was the case for a 12-year-old girl in Forest Hills, New York, in 2010. She was arrested at school for writing “I love my friends Abby and Faith” on her desk. If you are going to punish for doodling, is it really that hard to just send a child to the principal’s office or make them clean up the mess?

An Innocent Kiss
Can you remember your first crush and those butterflies you got every time they would come near you? What if the police were called after you finally worked up the courage to make a move on them? This is exactly what happened at one elementary school in Florida after a little girl decided to give her crush an innocent kiss.

Plastic Butter Knife
An 11-year-old student was put in jail and charged with a third-degree felony in Florida after bringing a plastic knife to school.

Pouring Milk After a Break-Up
Break-ups don’t have the tendency to end very well for anyone. One couple at a high school in Houston were arrested and sent to court after pouring milk on each other when they were in an argument. Let’s just say getting arrested and breaking up in the same day is no day at the park.

Throwing Paper Airplanes
Students often get distracted while in class by passing notes or drawing. Of course, it isn’t out of the ordinary for a teacher to scold the child. But one student in Texas was arrested in 2012 after throwing paper airplanes in his classroom.

Temper Tantrums
Parents and teachers will probably agree that it is difficult to deal with kids and their temper tantrums, but how far do you think they should go to get the child to calm down? An elementary school in Florida took extreme measures by handcuffing and sending a 6-year-old girl to a mental facility after the child lost control.

Spilling Crumbs
Getting every little crumb after a spill can be tough, but one young girl would suffer from not cleaning up all of her mess. A security guard in California arrested and broke the 16-year-old’s arm after some crumbs from the cake she dropped was left on the floor. If that isn’t overreacting, then what is?

Overdue Library Book
The police are meant to keep us safe from robbers and murderers, but in Massachusetts they were used for something a little less serious. What is considered not serious you may ask? In Massachusetts, officers were sent to a 5-year-old’s house to retrieve an overdue library book. Let this be a lesson to all of us, the library means business.

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