Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tips To Organizing Small Bathroom

Small bathroom as any small-spaced room requires good organization of space, furniture and accessories in order to avoid clutter yet enjoy the room to its fullest. Small bathroom definitely benefits from shower cabin in terms of saving space. It may depend on the cabin’s dimensions though but in comparison with a bathtub a small shower cabin can save some space in your bathroom allowing you to organize household and personal cleaners and accessories in a cabinet or on a shelving. There are many accessories for small bathrooms that will help you organize it without taking up too much space.

Bathroom furniture should be space-conscious and made of light materials in order to occupy as little space as possible. Opt for shelves and cabinets that have many sections where you can store various products for personal use, household care and other. Besides cabinets and shelves you can find vanities with multiple drawers as well as shelves for storing towels and other things.

Use Walls
Walls are another dimension not taken up by anything so take advantage of those. Building niches in the walls can make up for shelves, while wall cabinets can also be used for storing accessories and bathroom products. Use wall hangers to hang and dry towels and hooks for hanging accessory bag.

Organizing Accessories
Furniture is not the only way to organize your small bathroom. There are various organizing accessories that can help you in that. From bathroom baskets to tumblers and sets for shampoo and soap storage can help you prevent mess in the bathroom and store the products properly. Various bags, caddies, towel ladders, hooks, glasses, bottles, roll holders, and so on.

Other Spaces
There are also places under the bathtub, sink, over the window and near the mirror that can be used to store and organize things. Using shelves, sliding trays and planters you can save and organize space while enjoying uncluttered, clean, homey bathroom.

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