Tuesday, August 27, 2013

5 Superhero Movies That Never Happened

By Veggie

There are three things in life that can send my nerd rage-meter from zero to max in an instant. Pushing back the release date of games, LAG, and announcing movies that never come out. All of the following (believe it or not) are actual comic book movie adaptations that were announced and never found their way to the silver screen. Whether it was for better or worse I'll let you decide.

Green Arrow: Supermax
Besides the fact that Green Arrow is a clown and will never be half the marksmen that Hawkeye is, this script looked pretty legit! Titled Supermax and written by Batman Begins writer David Goyer, this film featured an unmasked Green Arrow being thrown into an Alcatraz like jail for life. The twist? If he wants to get out he has to team up with numerous B and C level DC villains to make his escape! While I don't entirely understand the concept (putting me in the camp of the film execs I guess) it sounds remotely amusing, which speaks volumes when on the subject of the Green Arrow.

Lobo: The Movie
Probably the oldest hyped Superhero movie on the list, studios have been teasing fans of a Lobo movie since the first Batman movie was released touting it as "in development". The movie was, of course, scrapped and nothing was heard until about 6 years ago when Warner Bros. started talking jive saying once again that a Lobo movie was "in development". Let's be real though, the time for a Lobo movie has come and gone because no one's looking for that 80's ultra violent grit anymore, but who knows? Maybe Rob Zombie will get the rights and disappoint us all anyway.

X-Men Origins: Magneto
Thanks largely to the flop that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine, this otherwise awesome idea was cut with scenes of it used in X-Men First Class. It was touted as "X-men meets the Pianist" and centered around Magneto exacting revenge on Nazi's until encountering Charles Xavier. So basically take that scene in First Class when he takes down all those dudes in a bar and leave out the rest of the mutants? Sounds good to me.

Spiderman 4: Carnage
It's a question that long remains to be answered in geek lore. What was the scene after the credits in Spiderman 3? Some say there was no scene, others talk about a lab where Venom symbiote was transforming, possibly alluding to the birth of Carnage. Spiderman 4 was rumored to be happening, as Sam Raimi went public saying he wished to redeem himself for Spiderman 3. With The Amazing Spider-man on the way, there's a snowballs chance in hell we'll ever see Spidey take on the violent offspring of Eddie Brock on the silver screen, but it sure is nice to dream about.

Justice League: The Movie
Yeah...this one's on the way all right. Keep telling yourself that. Judging by the time it will take to complete the rumored Flash movie and to revitalize the recently scrapped Aquaman movie, this one's not coming anytime soon. It won't make sense, there's not enough time to properly introduce every character, and Christian Bale's price tag alone would force the Justice League to cut its membership down to 4. As much as studios like to hype this project throughout time, it's not feasible that it could be done right, on top of being something a large audience would want to see. For those reasons we can only pray that this movie never sees the light of "brightest" day. 

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