Sunday, August 25, 2013

10 Things We Wish To Be Invented

By Ahmed Saeed

There are many things in the world that we wish to have. Some of them are totally impossible and some of them become inventions. An invention needs ideas; ideas that are beyond understandable and beyond one’s thinking. Nobody predicted to have WiFi on their mobile devices right? But there are some inventions that could literally change the whole world. Compiled below is a list of 10 things we wish to be invented. Some of them might be possible, while others are just dreams.

Short-term Memory Eraser
Everybody in this world would want some of their memories to fade away. Memories that hurt them. Memories that they would lose at any cost. This eraser should be invented and when I think about it, I don’t find it impossible. COME ON CHINA!!!

Wireless Electricity
We have wireless everything. Phones, internet, tablets, computers. Why not electricity. There must be some way to invent it. We have seen some serious R&D in said technology but still waiting for a proper working commercial product.

Probably not possible but you never know. There was a time when flying was impossible. Teleportation is, I think, the most wanted invention of all time. If it gets invented, it surely will be expensive and of course, it wouldn’t be available for commercial use. But if they planned to make it commercial, there would surely be restrictions in the software of every teleportation machine. Only for national use, only for international use, only for 2, 3 countries, things like that.

Electronic Paper
Microsoft are aiming to develop this thing. Electronic paper could solve many problems. Trees would be given some space to live long lives and of course, a lot of storage space would be minimized.

Housecleaning Robot
One thing nobody likes is cleaning their house. If I was rich, I would seriously pay so much money for the invention of this robot. It would solve so many problems, I swear. Most of the quarrels between husbands and wives will be resolved.

Brain Implants
What if you don’t have to study to learn anything ? What if you just have to plug in a wire to your brain and upload a program? Just like in Matrix? It would be so super awesome. I’d finally be able to learn those street dance moves

Physical Language Translator
Speak in English, hear in Spanish. There are so many people in the world who want to learn different languages. This could be their teacher or practicing friend. This could help them in so many ways. In correcting pronunciations and adopting different accents.

Auto Pilot for Car
Driving a car for a day is fine. Driving a car everyday can be so irritating and annoying. Auto pilot is just the answer for it. Turn on the auto pilot and sleep through your travel. Google has been working on a prototype but i guess we still are a long way to turn out this dream into reality.

Automatic Make-up Machine
Some of you might not agree with me but this would be heaven for women. How should it work? The machine should have the ability to save different types of make-ups like party make-up, college make-up, formal function make-up and with just one click, the machine should start doing it on the face of the person standing in-front. SEXY!

Shower System
A shower system that knows the temperature of your body and that how much mixture of cold and hot water you require. After the shower, it blow dries your skin and make a desired hairstyle for you. This surely would be heaven on earth!

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