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The HondaJet

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Posted : December 2009
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For all those looking for a private jet and not looking to break the bank, the HondaJet should definitely be in contention for your aviational needs. The HondaJet is the fastest and most fuel efficient aircraft in its class with a 420 knot cruise speed, a range of 1180 nautical miles, and a 30-35 percent better fuel efficiency at cruise speed versus other jets of comparable performance. HondaJet’s cabin is the clincher as it sets a new standard for interior space and comfort being longer than even larger ‘light jet’ offerings with space for a fully-private lavatory and a 57-cubic foot aft cargo hold.

Two GE-Honda HF120 turbofan engines, each rated at 1880 pounds (at take-off thrust) deliver higher fuel efficiency and the lowest engine emissions and quietest operation in their thrust class.

HondaJet Comfort
HondaJet will be offered in two interior configurations: with seating for seven (2 pilots and 5 passengers) in standard configuration; and with seating for eight (2 pilots and six forward-facing passenger seats) in air taxi configuration.
HondaJet’s cabin offers its passengers unprecedented levels of comfort with as much as six inches more leg room (per passenger) than competitive offerings. HondaJet’s 57 cubic-foot aft cargo hold is as much as 50 percent larger than other jets in its class. Additional cargo storage is provided by a nine cubic-foot nose cargo hold.
All yours for $3.9 Million

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