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The Lucky Tu-154

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Posted : November 2011
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It was an incredible stroke of luck that on Septermber 7th, 2010, the crew of a plane carrying 72 passengers on board, managed to make an emergency landing on an abandoned runway near Izhma Village. Since then, the lucky Tu-154 has been called ‘A Miracle Of Izhma’.

ALROSA, the second largest diamond-mining company in the world which owns the plane, did not leave it in the taiga but spent over 20 million rubles (650 thousand dollars) to restore and make ‘the lucky aircraft’ fly again.

The next day after the landing, they cut the surrounding trees down and built a small hut.

This plane is really lucky! Near the road on the left, there is a gully and if the plane rolled several more meters, it could be catastrophic.

The plane’s left landing gear rolled over the bushes and left a trace.

Damages to the plane

It looks like blood but it’s only the hydraulic fluid which flow out of the damaged wheels.

The plane also struck some small trees.

The cabin.

The passenger compartment.

Damages to the engines .

The cause of the incident.

You can obviously see that the plane suffered little damage. So, the decision was made to restore the plane and fly it out. Many were pessimistic of the idea, but on March 23rd, the aircraft commander and his crew came to Izhma to take fly the plane out.

On March 24th the whole country was stuck in front of their television, waiting for the attempt.

They first covered the plane with defroster.

A preflight briefing.

Ruben Esaryan is ready for the flight and so are the rest of the crew!

The takeoff run…

Its next destination is Ukhta. 

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