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7 Celebrities Who Need A Reality Check

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Posted : November 2013
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In La-la Land, you are surrounded by lots of “yes” men. But nobody pays us! So we’ll tell you like it is. If you made the list – check yo’self before you wreck yo’self.

That hair, that tongue, whatever the hell that was at the VMA’s. Miley needs someone in her camp to call her up and say “Girl, that ain’t cute.” We all know that these are all publicity stunts, but seriously Miley - we all know that you have grown up, so it’s unnecessarily to shove your “maturity” into our faces.

Quoted as saying ridiculousness such as, “I’d rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a tin” and “I’d rather die than let me kid’s eat Cup-a-Soup.” Don’t think we need to give any other reasons than that. But if you want more, we shall provide - Gwyneth made our list of top Hollywood actress who are difficult to work with, so if you’re into movies try to avoid her.

Yes, you’re rich. Yes, you’re famous. Now stop being a jerk-face and go back to that kid we loved on YouTube. Spitting on fans, treating them like they are nothing more than objects has gotta stop. Justin’s efforts to cultivate that macho persona are turning out to be quite humorous at the very least.

Remember that buzz about post-baby selfie that hit the web a few weeks ago? Well big surprise here – it was practiced MANY, MANY times. Kim told friends she and Kanye were going for a “casual shot.” If a bikini indoors with full on makeup and extensions is casual Friday then maybe we need to rethink our sweat pants and stained Georgetown T-shirt – but you know, to each their own.

Kris makes the list because no matter how many times Kanye and the rest of the bunch comes on her talk show, nobody watches it. Please make it stop. And if you’re not going to listen to us, at least listen to your fans. They are eager to see more of content that isn’t even similar to what she’s doing now.

He’s was crazy+ before crazy was cool. But now he’s in trouble for some icky, icky racial and homophobic slurs. Get it together, Tom. We liked you better when you were jumping on couches.

We seriously hate to profile anybody but unfortunately you just can’t do one of these lists without mentioning a few Kardashian’s. This beautiful 18 year old girl, the one we thought might be at least a little normal, is rumored to have had some plastic surgery on her lips as recently as three weeks ago.


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