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12 Most Happening Ramadhan Bazaars @ KL/PJ

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Posted : July 2014
Author : Yap Pik Kuan

We’ve picked out a dozen of the most awesome Ramadhan bazaars around town where ambiance and atmosphere score as highly as the food!
By Yap Pik Kuan and the HungryGoWhere team

Local street markets also known as bazaar Ramadhans are as much a part of the holy month in Malaysia as is the universal practice of consuming dates to break fast. Ramadhan markets all over the Klang Valley go into full action mode from as early as 4.00pm, closing just after the Maghrib prayers at 8.00pm. As well as strengthening discipline and self-control, Ramadhan is also about spending time with loved ones over good food. What better way to celebrate and break fast than by visiting our pick of the best dozen Ramadhan bazaars in KL and PJ.

Bukit Bintang
Located smack dab in the middle of Bukit Bintang, navigate your way through plumes of smoke billowing from ayam percik on the grill to get your hands on some fragrant nasi briyani and charcoal-roasted lamb at the Bukit Bintang Ramadhan bazaar.
The smoking trail often leads to goodies like ayam percik
Or take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city with ice cold juices going at an average of RM5 per drink. Selling good old-fashioned Ramadhan fare, Bukit Bintang is the go-to bazaar in the heart of the city.
Vegetarians look away!

Taman Tun Dr Ismail
As one of the biggest markets around the area, patrons from all over flock to the TTDI Ramadhan bazaar to sample a wide array of traditional Ramadhan fare. With hits like nasi tomato, nasi hujan, fresh lemang with rendang along with a whole array of kuihs and roti johns, you’ll be sure to go home with packets upon packets of delicious dishes to feast on.

Kelana Jaya
One thing you’ll immediately notice at Kelana Jaya’s Ramadhan bazaar is the vast array of drink stands selling fruit juices of all kinds. Apart from that, there is no shortage of char kuey teow and dim sum stalls for great halal Chinese fare.
All manners of food and drink from sweet to savoury
Malay food stalls are found in equal measure with ayam percik dripping with sauce as well as Penang laksa (RM3.50) and bubur.
Guerilla grilling
And who could forget sweets like the classic kek batik as well as the Western variety of cakes.

Section 17
The Section 17 bazaar is easy to find, located right opposite Jaya One just off the main road. There are no twists and turns here, just a long row of stalls selling mouth-watering food one after another. Apart from the usual servings of murtabaks and lauk, this bazaar is known for the budgeree (curried pineapple) which goes for RM1 per piece. Parking can be a nightmare but it might be less of a headache to park at Jaya One and cross the road.

Masjid India
The dense Masjid India area gets even more crowded during Ramadhan with rows of tents extending as far as the eye can see. Stalls selling food can be found scattered among the clothing and knick-knack stalls. In the narrow Lorong Masjid India 4, you’ll find a treasure trove of nasi kukus (RM5), sweet paus (RM1 each), samosas, and deep-fried skewers.
Traditional kuih-muih, kuih bakar, and pau Sri Mail

Food, glorious food! Waiting to be bagged home
Serunding is also a hot commodity in this pasar as well as a touch of Indian cuisine with a putu mayam stall. With stands dotting the five foot way, the chaotic atmosphere of the area only adds to its charm.

Kampung Baru
Found along the main hub that is Jalan Raja Alang, the Kampung Baru Ramadhan bazaar might very well be the largest in the city. You can be sure to find something here to satisfy your palate from delicious kebabs to scrumptious murtabaks. Another dish to take note of is the bubur lambuk (porridge) in addition to a variety of Ramadhan cuisine from all over Malaysia. Parking is virtually non-existent so public transport is the best way to go.

Bandar Tun Razak
Bandar Tun Razak comes alive every evening during Ramadhan as Cheras folks come in droves to sample the delicious food on offer. Fresh and unsweetened sugar cane juice (RM5) is the perfect partner to wind down as the heat of the day subsides as you stroll down the stalls.
A packet of sugar cane juice fills a pitcher
If you love roti john, go long with Din’s foot-long sandwich coming in at RM4. If not, whet your appetite with some putu bambu Teluk Intan (RM2 for four) as you zero down on all other quality Ramadhan delicacies waiting to be snapped up for dinner.
Choice appetiser or for dessert

Stadium Shah Alam
The Shah Alam Ramadhan bazaar ranks up top with Kampung Baru as one of the largest markets in and around the Klang Valley. Occupying the car park of Kompleks Sukan Shah Alam, the bazaar catches the Shah Alam crowds as well as patrons spilling over from the Subang and Klang regions. Nasi goreng ayam berempah is a mega steal, where you get a hefty piece of juicy fried chicken to go with the omelette-wrapped fried rice for only RM5!
Sometimes one stall’s all you need to fill that tummy
However, it seems the most popular choice here is the Ikan Bakar Bersambal with a wide variety of fish priced from RM5 to RM30.

For burger lovers, make a game out of hunting down Abang Burn Burger Bakar in the maze of stalls for their Burger-GAR!
Get rocking with Abang Burn!

This new Ramadhan bazaar is located right in front of the 3K Inn & Sports Complex in Subang. Most of the vendors at the bazaar were once part of Subang Jaya’s largest bazaar at SS18 which was famous for their chicken wings and murtabaks as well as roti jang, a variant of the regular roti john. While the new location has considerably less stalls, it’s nonetheless very happening and serves some seriously delicious foods, from traditional Malay cuisine to a smattering of Western and Chinese stalls for a delicious and varied buka puasa meal.

Section 14
A humble pasar in the housing area near the newly refurbished Jaya Supermarket, the Section 14 bazaar mainly caters to visitors who live around the neighbourhood and workers from the commercial district nearby. The best known stall here is the Penang popiah (RM1.20 per roll) with a long line of customers waiting to buy the slightly sweet popiah by the rolls.

Popiah assembly line and rendang in traditional cast iron woks
Another long queue can be found at the tepung pelita stand. The Ramadhan market is also home to several lauk and murtabak (prices range from RM4 – RM10) stalls.
Trays of tepung pelita – a nostalgic salty-sweet kuih for the season

A generous spread of dishes to go with rice

The Telawi area is home to Bangsar’s Ramadhan bazaar. With stalls setting up on a short stretch of road next to Masjid Saidina Abu Bakar, the market is dense and crowded like its Sunday pasar malam but choke-full of great eats from nasi kerabu (RM3) to sotong bakar (RM10). If you’d like something to go with your usual kuihs, try their coconut and teh tarik-flavoured ice cream (a steal at RM3.90 for three scoops). Smooth, creamy, and sweet, it’s the perfect way to break fast.
Gourmet ice-cream taken to the streets alongside hearty roast chickens
The highlight of the bazaar was probably the ayam percik (RM4.50); tender, juicy, and dripping with saucy goodness.
Yes, the crispy charred bits are the best part; and no, we can’t get enough of ayam percik

One unique dish that you’ll find in Melawati is the ayam tempayan (RM18 for a whole chicken). The entire bird is hung on the sides of a heated clay pot similar to a tandoor. The skin was nicely seasoned although the flesh turned out rather bland but was balanced by a sweet and peppery sauce.
A well-seasoned chicken hung out to dry
The most popular stall is probably Botak Ikan Bakar, famous for his grilled lobster which is entirely dependent on availability of stock. But fear not, staples like fish, cockles, squid, and prawns are still on the menu (prices range from RM13-RM50).
Succulent seafood fried in generous amounts of chilli and the heated tempayan

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