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Top 10 Places Forbidden For Visits

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One might assume that since it is a free world, so to speak, one is free to roam wherever he wills without consequence. Well, that would not exactly be true. See, there are places on this planet that you absolutely cannot go to, unless of course you are that kind of person. This list discusses ten of those places that you probably will have to wait your entire life to get into, and the places that you probably wouldn’t be allowed to enter even if you were given multiple lifetimes. Most of these places are top secret government institutions or in one case it is a club that has a several year waiting list. I hope you find this list informative and enjoyable.

This happens to be a Royal Air Force station and it is located near Harrogate, North Yorkshire in England. It provides communications and intelligence services to the UK and USA. There is an extensive satellite ground station set up at this particular location in order to intercept different communications and warn about incoming missiles. There is nothing that gets away from this unit in the United Kingdom and be warned, they are watching you. The site was built in the year 1954 and has been in use till date. It is owned by the Royal Air Force and it is controlled by the Air Force Intelligence.

You know how Disneyland is meant to be for kids and their entertainment. Well, you should know that this club is the only place in all of Disneyland(s) combine to offer alcoholic beverages. It is a private club and in order to become a member there is a several year long waiting list. The members have exclusive access to the club and its services. Members even have complimentary access to all the Disneyland(s). So, if your dad is one of the members chances are that you will be able to enjoy the Disneyland on a whole new level.

This is basically a campground on a 2,700 acre land. It is located on the Bohemian Avenue in Monte Rio, California. It belongs to the Bohemian Club. Every year the grove hosts a two to three weekend encampment and the guests are powerful people. If you are not one of them, you can never ever be a part of it no matter what strings you pull. Mostly the members include musicians, artists, highly important government officials (even U.S. Presidents) and some media executives. It should one hell of a party at that grove.

These archives are located in the Vatican City. It contains detailed accounts of all the acts promulgated by the Holy See. The Pope owns these archives until his death and of course they are passed on to the next Pope. Vatican ‘Secret’ Archives have actually nothing to do with confidentiality. It just indicates that they are only available for the Pope and that the archives are his personal property. He is allowed to share the archives with anyone for that matter. Though if you are not a Pope, you have no chance of even glimpsing at these particular archives.

These caves are located in the southwestern region of France. They are mostly famous for the Paleolithic cave paintings that are found all over this complex of caves. These paintings have been estimated to be around 17,300 years old and primarily contain images of animals. These caves were included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1979. If you are not a famous and a very important scientist, researcher or an archaeologist, chances are that these caves will never be open to you for a visit. Only a handful of people are ever allowed inside.

The Pine Gap lies around 18 kilometers southwest of the town of Alice Springs that is situated in the center of Australia. The Gap is operated by United States and Australia. It is very important to the economy of the entire country. It hires around 800 people and is known to be the largest ECHELON facility in the world. The air space around it and above it is the only air space that is prohibited. You are not allowed to fly up to a height of around 18,000 feet above this particular area. God knows what sort of research is being conducted there. Oh my curiosity.

This happens to be the secret underground metro station which is not used by the public. The entire idea came along during the time of Joseph Stalin and it was codenamed as D-6. Rumor has it that the metro 2 is still functional and is used by the Presidential General Directorate of Special Programs and Ministry of Defence. It is also rumored that the length exceeds that of the public metro. The Metro 2 exists around 200 meters deep and it is composed of four different lines. Kremlin is connected to the FSB headquarters with the help of these lines.

It is also called the Office 39, Division 39 and Bureau 39. This particular organization holds around $5 billion in funds for their illegal activities. It is said that this office is responsible for counterfeiting $100 bills and manufacturing illegal drugs including heroin and crystal meth. They are also into the business of international insurance fraud. The interesting part is that the division is solely owned by the government of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

There lies a closed town in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia and it is called Mezhgorye. It is around 200 kilometers away from Ufa which is the capital of the Republic. I am not certain exactly why it is a closed town but it is said that it is subordinated to the Russian federal government.

I am sure this was not a surprise. You must be familiar with the Area 51. It is a military base which is located in the southern part of Nevada. It lies around 83 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas. The area lies within the Nevada Test and Training Range. The area is also known as Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, Home Base, Watertown Strip, Groom Lake and Homey Airport. The area is used for highly classified military programs and it has a lot of secrecy about it.

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