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Things You Only See In China…Strange Encounters From A Canadian Couple

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Posted : June 2014
Author : Charlene

This is the story of a Canadian couple that moved to China. They haven’t lived there for too long. But, have quickly come to realize that “they’re not in Kansas” anymore. Things are quite different from Canada. Some are weird, some are just confusing. Here are just some of the peculiarities they have encountered so far….

My boyfriend and I moved from Ottawa, Canada to Beijing, China in May for work. We haven’t been here long, but we’ve had some “WTF” moments that I think you might find amusing.

Traffic signs and separate driving lanes are merely a suggestion in Beijing. Bikes, pedestrians, cars, buses and mopeds drive when and where they please. Horns are constant, but not in the North American “f**k you, buddy” way, but in the Chinese “you should move, i’m not slowing down” sort of way. Crossing the street is the most stressful part of our day.

These mopeds are incredibly popular. Usually, there are two or three people on them with an infant sitting on the driver’s lap.

This isn’t as impressive as some of the bike loads I’ve seen, but i managed to snap a picture of this one.

People come up to us in the street and ask to take photos with us. As someone who is 5’1 and dark haired, I didn’t think I looked too different from the female population in Asia.

Eggs are unrefrigerated and unpackaged. There were regular white and brown eggs, then REALLY brown eggs, blue eggs and tiny gown and white speckled eggs. Meat is also unfrozen and unpackaged. You pick your meat like you would pick apples.

pigs feet and pig corpse in the grocery store.

fish are also raw and unpackaged. Bottom left are soft shell turtles… for eating! and on the right are squid.

This is a vending machine library. I don’t know what other cities have this but I thought this was super cool.

I don’t know what this is supposed to mean

this was also bizarre

I think this sign maker knew exactly what they were doing.

clothes on a line in the middle of the street.

Ho Hai Park: they hung birds from trees in cages so they would tweet and drown out the city noises.

Would you buy warm meat, being sold in open air? Hmmm….that’s a tough one, right?! Share, and see what your friends think!

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