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Top 10 Age-Defying Celebrities

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Posted : October 2013
Author : Amanda Horowitz

Some stars just don't age! How do they do it?
While many stars are beautiful, there are a certain few that stand out when it comes to their age. It’s not because these celebrities are getting old, just the opposite in fact. Despite the passing of time, these men and women don’t seem to age! Whether their secrets are taking a dip in the fountain of youth or just embracing a healthy lifestyle, these stars look amazing. Let the age-defying star countdown begin.

10. Lucy Liu, 43
The kick-butt Charlie’s Angels star has certainly kept up her fit lifestyle. Liu looks absolutely stunning for 43. 

9. Gwen Stefani, 43
Singer/songwriter Gwen Stefani is looking fabulous. She keeps it all together despite her busy life in music, fashion, and acting. 

8. Patrick Dempsey, 47
Patrick Dempsey plays surgeon McDreamy on the ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, but one must wonder if he’s created some sort of abrupt anti-aging treatment, because he can’t possibly be 47! 

7. Halle Berry, 46
Carrying her second child, actress Halle Berry rocks her dress without even one wrinkle in it, or on her skin for that matter!

6. Jennifer Aniston is 44
The woman of every man’s dreams, Friends star Jennifer Aniston was named “Sexiest Woman of All Time” by Men’s Health Magazine in 2011 and continues to melt hearts with her stunning, age-defying beauty.

5. Bernadette Peters, 65
Actress Bernadette Peters cannot possibly be 65 years old! Here at the Tonys, she is one of the most critically acclaimed Broadway stars of her generation, but how would you know what generation she is? She looks half her age!

4. Prince, 55
Prince Rogers Nelson, more commonly known as Prince, has been constantly asked about his age, as the singer-songwriter doesn’t seem to!

3. Stacey Dash , now 46
Clueless actress Stacey Dash looks almost the exact same as she did playing a teenager over 20 years ago! Just a year ago she posed for Playboy!

2. Tom Cruise, 50
Actor Tom Cruise has kept the charming eyes and smile sweetheart look for all of these years, and could easily do a rendition of his 1983 role in Risky Business without anyone knowing the difference.

1. Dylan McDermott (Mark Anthony McDermott), 51
Possibly the most age-defying star of them all, the American Horror Story star has barely aged since his Twister days over 20 years ago. That jaw line isn’t going anywhere. 

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