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Some YouTube Comments That Are Actually Funny

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Posted : March 2014
Author : Damien

Youtube isn’t known just for being the largest repository of videos on the web, it also happens to hold the world record for “most users with an IQ below room temperature.” Nevertheless, occasionally a spark of wit (or unintentional humor) flares up among the chaff. Read on for some hilarious Youtube comments.

Retardation in the 21st Century
Seriously, how do you manage to watch a video on Youtube but not know what a search engine is? Then again, most internet users still think the internet consists of pornography and Facebook exclusively.

Budding Pickup Artists
Here's an explanation of the video these comments are about: it's a pickup artist guy who, as an experiment, went around to girls in public and said nothing more than “put your number in my phone.” His success rate - which was of course 100% real and not faked - was remarkably high. To be fair, girls might genuinely be turned on by how cocky and forward he was, but most Youtube commenters ain't got that kind of game.

Sexy Potato
The only thing better than a potato is a sexy potato. Mmm, sexy potato.

Honesty is the Best Policy
Gotta love this guy for being honest. “just2watchonly” admits that his wrist got a well deserved vacation from its usual job. Hell, come to think of it, that's what I usually use Youtube for too.

What a Beach
Honestly, what's wrong with her? It's a beautiful sunset, and she has to kick sand into her boyfriend's eyes. Ah, women, they're never happy, are they?

I Had an Accident
Can you even imagine what his room must smell like? Additionally, I'd like to know what exactly he expects the Salvation Army to be able to do. “Hello, is this the Salvation Army? Oh, great. I really like those people who ring bells during Christmas outside of grocery stores and ask for money. Anyway, I have this problem...”

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