Sunday, March 16, 2014

Revolver Shaped Screwdriver

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Posted : March 2014
Author : Sam Jordan

Completing a much needed home improvement project is one of life’s rewarding accomplishments, but damn, all those tedious tasks on the road to Tool Time. Kinda style-cramping, no? We say inject some fun into the DIY lifestyle with this revolver shaped rechargeable screwdriver.

It includes 6 different drill bits that store in the chambers, as well as the necessary AC adapter. It doesn’t come with a holster or Kevlar vest, but we see no reason not to accessorize the whole ensemble as you see fit, Dirty Harry. Then, go ahead and ask that 2×4, “Do you feel lucky, 2×4? Well, do ya?” At that point you’ll need you just go shoot the screw in there, because 2x4s don’t talk.

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