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Top 5 Truly Bizarre Creatures

Posted in Jun 2011

5. Cnemidophorus Uniparens
These lizards might look normal on the outside, but on closer investigation, a surprising fact is revealed: some species, such as the New Mexico Whiptail, consist entirely of females. They undergo Parthenogenesis, which is embryo fertilization without a male, to produce new offspring. Despite this, however, these lizards still “mate” to increase fertility.

4. Andean Cock-of-the-rock
The females of this species of bird are normal enough, but the males have an odd crest that looks like a large, red/orange bulge. Its feathers consist of reds/oranges in the front, black near the bottom, and a bit of grey. They are national bird of Peru.

3. Coconut Crab
The largest living arthropod to dwell on land (weighing up to 4.1 kilograms (9 pounds)), this hermit crab is known to climb trees and eat coconuts. Unlike other hermit crabs, only the juveniles wear shells. The older youngsters often wear coconut shells. They come in a variety of colors, such as orange and blue. They are rumored to steal shiny objects.

2. Hairy Frog
This African frog gets its name from the hair-like structure found on the sides of males. These hairs are used to increase the rate that the frog absorbs oxygen, since the males spend long periods of time guarding their eggs. Another impressive fact about these frogs is that they have retractable claws made of bone (as opposed to keratin). However, to get these claws out, the frog must break a bone nodule first. Ouch!

1. Barreleye Fish
Although this fish’s existence has been known for quite some time, it was only this year that scientists fully understood how bizarre it is. These fish have a mostly black body with a transparent head (which was unheard of until recently, since it always shattered while the fish was being brought up to the surface). Although it has two indentions in the front of its head, those are NOT its eyes: its eyes are the green spheres in its transparent head. These eyes can be used to look above for food or look forward when it is stalking its prey.

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