Wednesday, November 13, 2013

8 Bizarre Knife Designs

By Ramon

For centuries, the knife has always been an essential tool in the evolution of mankind. People continue to use knives every day for important tasks, such as cutting food, making surgical incisions and saving lives in emergency situations. However, with anything that’s been around for so long, there are a number of designs that are downright strange and silly. Here are 8 of those bizarre knife designs.

1. Bullet knife
Hidden blades have long been a staple of the knife community because of their low-key and surprising qualities. The strange bullet knife is definitely surprising, but not the least bit inconspicuous.

2. Bloody Chef’s knife
Have you ever wanted to trick your dinner guests or unsuspecting family members into thinking you killed someone with a kitchen knife and didn’t wash it before making dinner? Me neither.

3. WASP Injection Knife
The WASP Injection knife might look like an ordinary knife but it has the capability of freezing and exploding internal organs. When stabbed into an object, the knife releases freezing air into the target at 800psi. It’s designed for divers to defend themselves from sharks, but it’s perhaps the most impractical piece of equipment out there.

4. Scorpion Wrist knife
If you’ve ever wanted a massive collection of blades shaped like a scorpion that fits around your wrist, this is the knife for you. This really bizarre knife seems extremely dangerous, both for the person wearing it and anyone within arm’s reach.

5. Umbrella sword
It’s easy to understand why someone would want an umbrella, but it’s hard to come up with a reason why you would want a sharp sword hidden within its handle.

6. Pointless knife
One of the most paranoid knife designs features a knife with no sharp point. The idea behind this knife is that it allows you to chop things without the risk of getting stabbed. Nevertheless, it still leaves a heavy rhetorical question: why would anyone want this pointless knife?

7. Knifeless Knife
The next step from the pointless knife is the knifeless knife. The well-known Swiss Army knives come in a variety of models, but the most curious are those that feature no knives. These so-called knives are more for the modern traveler than the handy man.

8. Peanut Knife Necklace
This seems like a very niche knife design. There are probably few people who would want to wear a golden peanut necklace but even fewer who would want that peanut to contain a small knife.

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