Monday, November 11, 2013

50 Most Romantic Things To Do With Your Life Partner

Romantic things to do with your life partner :-
·    Watch the sunset together.
·    Whisper to each other.
·    Cook for each other.
·    Walk in the rain.
·    Hold hands.
·    Buy gifts for each other.
·    Gift Roses.
·    Find out their favorite cologne/perfume and wear it every time you're together.
·    Go for a long walk down the beach at midnight.
·    Write poetry for each other
·    Hugs are the universal medicine.
·    Say I love you, only when you mean it and make sure they know you mean it.
·    Give random gifts of flowers/candy/poetry etc.
·    Tell her that she's the only girl you ever want. Don't lie.
·    Spend every second possible together.
·    Look into each other's eyes.
·    Very lightly push up her chin, look into her eyes, tell her you love her, and kiss her lightly.
·    When in public, only flirt with each other.
·    Put love notes in their pockets when they aren't looking.
·    Buy her a ring.
·    Sing to each other.
·    Always hold her around her hips/sides.
·    Take her to dinner and do the dinner for two deal.
·    Spaghetti? (Ever see Lady and the Tramp?)
·    Hold her hand, stare into her eyes, kiss her hand and then put it over our heart.
·    Dance together.
·    Let your girl fall asleep with her head in your lap. (It looks real cute)
·    Do cute things like write I love you in a note so that they have to look in a mirror to read it.
·    Make excuses to call them every 5 minutes
·    Even if you are really busy doing something, go out of your way to call and say 'I love you'.
·    Call from your vacation spot to tell them you were thinking about them.
·    Remember your dreams and tell her about them.
·    Always tell her how pretty she looks.
·    Tell each other your most sacred secrets/fears.
·    Be Prince Charming to her parents.
·    Brush her hair out of her face for her.
·    Hang out with his/her friends.
·    Go to church/pray/worship together.
·    Take her to see a romantic movie and remember the parts she liked.
·    Learn from each other and don't make the same mistake twice.
·    Describe the joy you feel just to be with him/her.
·    Make sacrifices for each other.
·    Really love each other, or don't stay together.
·    Let there never be a second during any given day that you aren't; thinking about them, and make sure they know it.
·    Love yourself before you love anyone else.
·    Learn to say sweet things in foreign languages.
·    Dedicate songs to them on the radio.
·    Fall asleep on the phone with each other.
·    Stand up for them when someone talks trash.
·    Never forget the kiss goodnight. And always remember to say, "Sweet dreams".
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Posted : April 2011

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