Thursday, January 31, 2013

Top 5 Tips To Write Attention Grabbing Titles For Your Content

by Divya

In this article we shall discuss how to write effective titles for SEO (search engine optimization) content. These titles are different from the ones in regular blogs and general articles as they have to be easily findable on the search engines. Moreover, titles are vital to content writing because the reader decides to read only based on what he sees first. The title should let the reader know what we have in “store”, so that he can decide whether or not to read further.

SEO Friendly Effective Titles:
1. Key Phrase in the Title
The title for search engine optimization friendly content must have the keywords in the title. Now, this may not affect ranking, but at the end of the day, that is EXACTLY what the user has typed in the search engine. If he sees it in the title, he can expect relevant content in the article body.

2. Compelling to Read
If you are writing about the “mechanism of photosynthesis”, your title should ideally include the entire phrase and not just the word “photosynthesis”. Someone who is looking to read the “mechanism” is compelled to read further. However, the content within can begin with brief introductions and proceed to descriptions as per the theme of the article.

3. Specific to Content
Your article is about the “process of photosynthesis”. The title, in this case, shouldn’t be something like “How the sun helps prepare food in plants”. If this is an SEO article, such a title isn’t going to work. It is important to keep the core idea of the content in mind while making the title.

4. Repeating the Keyword
Sometimes, in SEO Content writing, you may be flexible enough to reuse the keyword in the title. For example: A medical article can have a title: “Ultrasound instruments: the latest ultrasound instruments used for examinations”. This title is acceptable from the SEO point of view. It grabs the attention of the reader because it’s talking about the “instruments” and the “latest” techniques for “examination”.

5. Commit in Title:
You must commit to the reader what you intend to provide in the article. There should be no room for guesses! Is your article factual or informative, or does your article have suggestions and tips? It’s always advisable to be providing complete clarity while making a title.

Nevertheless, the rules should be flexible because readers like interesting content. You must have noticed often that personal blogs and general articles have attention grabbing titles which are creative, but not keyword oriented or SEO friendly. For optimal results and popularity in the web space, it’s important to club SEO skills with creative thinking – as the market is now very competitive. You could always add a tinge of humor and use witty short sentences to impress your reader – at the end of the day you need to have the rules right and the creative edge as well. Try thinking the out-of-the-box while making titles and they are sure to bring you more readers and SEO benefits!

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