Sunday, January 27, 2013

First Bookless Library

The day from which e-books started coming into the market I have read articles about how buying an iPad, Kindle or any pdf/epub format supporting device can be far cheaper than buying books in paperback. Academic libraries have been experimenting with this idea for a long time. Apparently, now it is being implemented in a library.

The first bookless library is being made in Bexar County in San Antonio. Judge Nelson Wolff is the man who has come up with this idea. The library system will be called BiblioTech.

Interior view of BiblioTech, a bookless library planned for 3505 PleasantonRoad. Bexar County plans to open the library in the fall.
Members of the library will be able to issue books via e-readers for two weeks. Non-members will be able to read books with e-readers or computers present in the library. “We do have your name, we do have your address. You check it out for two weeks, just like a library book. In two weeks, your e-book goes dead, so you won’t have anything worth keeping.” tells Wolff. It would be helpful for regular readers as they will not have to visit the library to return the books, but just issuing them. “It’s not a replacement for the [city] library system, it’s an enhancement. People are always going to want books, but we won’t be doing that in ours.”

Offering e-books in libraries is not a new idea, but offering just e-books is. Wolff intends to expand it county wide if it proves fruitful.

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