Friday, August 19, 2011

101 Uses For WD-40

WD-40 is the all purpose spray so remember what they say, you only need two things to do any job. Duct tape and WD-40. If it turns and it’s not supposed to, use duct tape. If it doesn’t turn and it’s supposed to, use WD-40.

Break in the new baseball glove – Forget sitting on the new baseball glove for weeks waiting on the new leather to soften up. Rub it down with WD-40 then put a baseball in the palm and fold it sideways. Tie the glove tight and let it sit overnight. The leather will loosen and help it fit your hand better.

Clean Carpet Stains - Every household has this problem. Don’t waste tons of money on those fancy cleaners, just run to the garage and grab the WD-40. Spray, scrub and rinse.

Clean oil spots from the driveway – The next time your beer drinking friends bring over their rattle traps that leak oil all over your concrete drive. Give’em a can of WD-40 and tell’em to clean up their mess.

Degrease your hands – Eve been caught in one of those situations where you grabbed something greasy or oily and didn’t have degreaser handy to get it off. WD-40 an fix that too, just spray on your hands, rub them together like soap and rinse.

Free stuck fingers from a bottle – Much like the problem with a stuck ring, a little WD-40 around the rim, let it sit for a few minutes and the finger slips right out.

Insect Repellant – Ever gotten to the woods and realized you forgot the bug spray? Never fear, just coat yourself in WD-40 and the bugs will avoid you like the plague.

Prevent Wasps from building nests – Remember, it doubles as a sting medicine so you can piss them off and remove the pain all in one spray.

Relieve Arthritis – Getting old is a bitch sometimes, the bones ache all the time. Some old timers swear that you can help relieve the symptoms of Arthritis by rubbing your joints with WD-40.

Relieve Bee stings - Like electrical tape makes the greatest band-aid, WD-40 is te end-all pain killer for bee stings. spray on the sting and feel the pain fade away.

Remove “paint rub” from another car – You might want to hid this one from your wife.

Remove a stuck ring – Ever had the problem where you’ve worked all day and had your hand swell preventing you from getting a ring off a finger? Not anymore, just squirt a little WD-40 in it and off it comes with ease.

Remove Barnacles from a boat – If you own a hole in the water, save some of the money you throw into it all the time by using WD-40 to lossen those stubborn barnacles that built up over the winter.

Remove chewing gum from hair – Kids. Chewing Gum. Hair. Three things that don’ go well together. Instead of whacking off a big hunk of JR’s hair, spritz a little WD-40 on it then comb the gum out.

Remove marker and crayon marks – Every kid has colored on the wall, now you don’t have to spend a Saturday sanding and painting the wall. WD-40 dissolves the crayon easily.

Remove scuff marks on the floor – Don’t you hate it when your shoes leave scuffs marks all over the kitchen floor? don’t spend hours on your knees scrubbing then, just spray some WD-40 and use a paper towel to wipe them away.

Remove tomato stains from clothes – I think it works for blood, wine and lipstick as well. Don’t try and shout it out, WD-40 it out.

Separate Stuck Glassware – How many time have you reached into the cabinet to get a glass only o find two have become locked together. If you’ve ever had on explode on you, you know this is a frightening occurrence. Don’t take the chance, squirt a little around the edges and wait for it to seep between the glasses, they will separate with ease.

Spray on fishing lures – I know some fisherman that swear WD-40 is the best fish attractant money can buy.

Treat your shoes – use on new leather shoes to soften the leather and prevent blisters. If treated regularly WD-40 will kep them waterproof.

Untangle fishing line - Birds nest. WD-40. Back to fishing. That’s all I got to say about that.

Camouflage scratches in ceramic and marble floors
Clean and protect windshield wiper blades
Clean and restore license plates
Clean bowling balls
Clean brake dust off tire rims
Clean bug guts off your car bumpers
Clean clogged spray can nozzles
Clean glass shower doors, keeps them spot free
Clean resins from water pipes
Clean sap from garden equipment
Clean your guitar strings
Free a stuck accelerator
Free a tongue stick to frozen metal in winter
Free stuck head/hands from narrow bars
Get rid of squeaks in rocking chairs and swings
Keep animals out of the flower bed
Keep bathroom mirrors from fogging
Keep ceramic and terra cotta pots from oxidizing
Keep dogs, maggots and flies out of a trash can
Keep flies off cows ( might need this one)
Keep grandfather clocks running smooth
Keep pigeons off the balcony
Keep rust off saw blades and other tools
Keep scissors in perfect working condition
Keep snow from sticking to satellite dish
Kill thistle plants
Loosen stuck zippers
Lube fan belts on washers and dryers
Lube the gear shift and mower deck for easy handling
Lube the tracks in sticking home windows
Lubricate a paintball gun barrel
Lubricate a prosthetic limb
Lubricate playground equipment
Make an umbrella easier to open
Make bowling balls have less grab on the lanes
Make floors shine like new without slipping
Make the kids slide a super fast slide
Polish wood furniture
Prevent grass clippings from clogging up the lawn mower
Prevent mud from sticking to a bicycle
Prevent pump action shotgun from freezing in winter
Prevent silver from tarnishing
Prevent squirrels from climbing into a birdhouse
Prevent vinyl records from skipping
Remove all traces of duct tape
Remove baked on food from a cookie pan
Remove broken keys from locks
Remove chewing gum from the bottom of a shoe
Remove grease
Remove grease stains from clothes
Remove hydraulic fluid from Lear jets
Remove old wav from skis and snowboards
Remove Silly Putty from tables
Remove squeaks from the deer hunting stand
Remove stains from stainless steel sinks
Remove stickers from glass
Remove stuck spark plugs
Restore and cleans chalkboards
Restore and cleans dashboard leather
Restore and cleans roof tracks on cars
Restore the old barbecue grill (be careful here too)
Shine Atlas missiles
Shine diamonds
Shine seashells
Spray on fingers to make frisbee spin smoother
Stop ice from forming on horseshoes during riding
Stop squeaks in box spring mattresses
Stop squeaks in electric fans
Stop those noisy door hinges
Stove top cleaner (be careful though)
Take away the sting of fire ant bites
Thread electrical wire through conduits
Unfreeze car doors
Untangle jewelry chains
Use a full can as a paper weight
Use can to prop open a window

Got anymore good uses for the miracle lube?

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