Friday, August 19, 2011

Lexus Meet Wet Concrete

As a lawyer she should have been used to getting out of sticky situations. But when this woman driver attempted to do a U-turn on a street full of roadworks in Houston, Texas, yesterday, there was no way out.

Houston police said that it received a call at 8:30am from a roadworker reporting that a Lexus had been driven straight into a freshly laid section of road. The caller told officers that the car had attempted to cross the stretch of cement, despite it being marked off by bright orange cones.

In photos of the rush hour mishap posted on the Internet, the female driver appears to still be in the car. Online commentators speculated that the driver was possibly waiting for the cement to dry so that it did not ruin her shoes. But one man who witnessed the event said the police had told her to stay in the car for her safety. 'Changitochulito' wrote on website Reddit, 'The cop told the woman to stay in the car so she wouldn't get into the wet cement.

'The thing is they had just finished pouring and shaping the cement not but 5 minutes before it happened. They got the car out within 20 or so minutes after it happened and repaired the street 15 minutes after that. They yanked her out with a flat bed, while she was still in it.'

Other online posters quoted the famous phrase associated with the city, 'Houston, we have a problem'. The dark coloured car, which had a Texas licence plate, is believed to be a Lexus GS which is sold for up to $70,000. The Houston Press reported that a lawyer is the registered owner.

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