Sunday, June 1, 2014

Very Dirty PCs

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Posted : March 2014
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Hey, you own a PC? Sure you do, at least before you got a laptop or a smartphone - if not, how would you surf the internet? Is your PC still running? How long has it been since you last sent it for servicing? What? You didn't know that you need to send your PC for servicing? Well then, its time for you to take a look. Dust might have accumulated over the years, clogging the vents and such, lowering the efficiency of your PCs. Who knows, you might find something else apart from dust.
Check out these photos and look at these very dirty PCs...

Dust everywhere
Very thick!
A dead frog? How did it get in there?
The heat sink all clogged up
Rubbish stuffed in the PC?
Bugs have made the inside of the PC as their homes
I simply can't imagine how dirty it can be...
You can't even read the info on the mainboard
Home for bugs...
... and even mice??

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