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The 5 Dumbest Car Features Of All Time

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Posted : May 2014
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Probably the sole most moneymaker in the auto industry are the add-on features. Yes, we all know that if you live in LA, you’re going to want a sunroof, and that’s going to cost you a ridiculous $2,000+ dollars. Or if you live in Boston, what’s a car without seat heaters? So maybe those are reasonable requests, but it’s the odd things that make your car bill go from $20,000 to $32,000. Think again. Do you really need all those extra features? Ehh…. maybe not.
Well, here are the top 5 most ridiculous car features that you really don’t need.

5 – Fake wood Panels
Seriously, what is the point? It’s ugly, and we know it’s fake.

4 – The Vinyl Top
If it’s not a convertible, there doesn’t need to be anything of the roof.

3 – Pinstripes
Installed at the dealer as a way to mark up the price.  Not only do they cost you extra, they actually detract from the lines of the car.  If your not driving a custom hot-rod you don’t need pinstripes

2 – The Push-Button Start
Most of us do not drive race cars.  This rather pointless device, tends to just add an extra step to starting up your car.  Sure it looks cool, but that is about it’s only function.

1 – The Automatic Seatbelt
Mandated in the late 80’s when passive restraints became a law.  These seat belts were good in theory, except for the fact that the lap belt was no part of the program.  Without a proper lap restraint, these automatic belts were essentially useless.  They tended to break easily, and often strangled you if you open the door and stuck your head out.

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