Wednesday, May 15, 2013

30 Most Unusual Taxis From Around The World

Most of us only see the same boring taxis everywhere, but a little selection of photos which shows the much different types of taxi vehicles around the world. Some of them look nothing like a taxi cab we are used to, but that’s what makes it interesting. Check out these crazy taxis from around the world and choose your taxi for the ride of your dreams.

Let’s start with luxury models:
Maybach Taxi Moscow Russia

Lamborghini Taxi

Lotus Taxi

Porsche Taxi

A little unusual Taxi:
Hummer Taxi Houston

Crown Victoria Taxi NY

Tracked Peugeot 406 Taxi

Solar powered Taxi

Divine Taxi London

Most Luxurious Taxis in the World
Kolkata Taxi West Bengal India

Taxi Mumbai India

Lada Taxi

Some Water Taxi
Water Taxi New York

Taxi Boat Monteverde Costa Rica

Taxi Boat Auckland, NZ

Water Taxi Roko Croatia

Best for the end, Taxi motorcycle, bicycle etc.
Riksha Taxi Lahore Pakistan

Taxi Goa India

Taxi India

Coco Taxi Cuba

Taxi Puno Peru

Taxi Jaen Peru

Taxi Hanoi Vietnam

Taxi Shangai China

Motorcycle Taxi Kenya

Bicycle Taxi Nanjing China

Bicycle Taxi Spain

Bicycle Taxi Berlin Germany

Bicycle Taxi Berlin Germany 2

Definitely the best Taxi
Bicycle Taxi Burundi Africa

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